Siren Song

Ink, marker. December 2016.


Ink, digital. December 2016.

Better Than You

Ink, digital. October 2016.


Ink, marker. September 2016.


Ink, watercolor. July 2016.

just fine again today

Ink, digital. May 2016.

New York III

Ink, watercolor. April 2016.

Uranus and Neptune

Watercolor, gouache. April 2016.


Digital. April 2016.


Ink. February 2016.

Jersey Devil

Ink, marker. February 2016.

Winter Soldier

Watercolor. February 2016.


Ink, marker. January 2016.

the Jackalope

Mixed media. January 2016.

there is no story

Mixed media. January 2016.

Feathers and Fire

Watercolor, gold ink. December 2015.

Everything the Light Touches

Digital. October 2015.

Birds and Flowers III

Ink, digital. October 2015.

Birds and Flowers II

Ink, digital. September 2015.

Birds and Flowers I

Ink, digital. September 2015.