Y. Kiri Yu 余依笛

Currently: Seattle, WA
Tools: Brush pens, India ink, watercolor, Photoshop
Contact: kiriska@gmail.com | Résumé

I draw pictures and write stories. My interests and inspirations are all over the place, and it’s pretty apparent in the wide and weird range of work I do. Sometimes there’s macabre watercolor paintings with a touch of surrealism. Sometimes there’s cute comics about rainbows, unicorns, and children with really big heads. I have a variety of styles and spend equal amounts of time with digital and traditional mediums.

I like office supplies and peeling potatoes. I consume too much caffeine, have weird hang-ups about certain numbers and letters, and have been known to wake up in the middle of the night to fold paper cranes. I also make websites. In addition to the various art-related social media accounts, some miscellaneous logs that might be able to tell you more about me than I can include MAL and last.fm.