Yeah, so I made a new WordPress theme (again). The last one only lasted a month and a half, but hopefully this one won’t annoy or embarrass me for a while? I think it feels a little more professional in any case. I did a lot more from scratch this time, particularly the CSS, but I didn’t go back and revise the entire backend since that would be kind of pointless (even though so much of the default WP code is cumbersome and oddly organized). The result is that there are a lot of references to classes that don’t exist. Not great for my obsessive-compulsiveness, but I think I run a greater risk of breaking something if I tried to clear out all the useless references.

The link section’s come back so I threw all the links back over there to make room on the sidebar for more widgets. I also made the single-post views on the blog full page so they’re less cramped and threw some stuff onto the top of the blog view for even more roominess. Huzzah! I’m paranoid that there are things that I haven’t addressed yet, but I’ll still be making minor adjustments here and there so hopefully all the glaring and significant things have been covered already and I can actually get to work on other things without having this website stuff looming over my head. Then my portfolio won’t be filled with cobwebs! Think of that!