The SCAD Society of Illustrators usually has a juried show every fall and winter quarter, but I’ve skipped out on submitting to a bunch of them mostly because the themes didn’t interest me. As it’s my last year in school, I want to submit to as many things as possible, so it’s nice that this year’s fall show also has an agreeable theme: “Monster Masquerade.” As usual, they don’t elaborate more that, so I just started scribbling random things:

Monster Masquerade sketches

I had two ideas. One was just two generic kind of monsters dressed for a traditional masquerade — cute, I suppose. The other was based mostly on the Japanese kitsunetsuki — pretty much any fox demon that possesses young women. I thought it was a pretty nice twist on the words of the theme.

Monster Masquerade sketches 2

I decided to go with the fox because it would look best in ink and watercolor and 1) the illustration department seems to have a heavy preference towards traditional media anyway, 2) it’s faster and I didn’t have a lot of time in between all the conventions and other nonsense this quarter.

Kitsunetsuki before retouching and textures

This is what the piece looked like before minor digital touch-ups and my usual texturespam though there is some cropping done already. The original’s 9×12″ with no borders — I painted right up to the edge of the paper. This crop is about 8.5×11″. I ended up using a bit of gouache in the piece also because my salting didn’t go exactly as planned and I needed to balance it out somehow. I also used gouache to wash over m linework a bit so the moon is obnoxiously bright. I think it’s hilarious the yellow moon and blue sky kind of makes it reminiscent of all those old Virgin Mary portraits. Another accidental reference: white kimono and red obi = Japanese flag!

I was actually going to leave off adding a texture over it, but I couldn’t resist checking what it would look like…

It looks even more like a Virgin Mary painting! How could I resist? :> Final version is here on deviantART and available as a print.

I hope this thing gets into the show…