AWA Sleep Pirates

I’m back from AWA! That was a most exhausting weekend to end a most exhausting week, though all the catch-up I have to do now kind of makes this week exhausting too. I’ll have a full con report later (with pictures!), but for now, here’s a comic…

AWA hosted another contest this year where you had to draw a six-page comic over the course of the convention based on a theme given out at the opening ceremonies. The prize was a free table for next year, so you were allowed to collaborate or whatever since sharing tables is pretty common. Thus, Cat and I collab’d. The theme this year was “airship pirates.” As both of us were already exhausted Friday afternoon, neither of us had any great ideas. So I rattled off the most retarded thing my sleep-deprived brain could think of. Initially, Cat wanted to “put her foot down” on the stupid idea. But when no other ideas came, she agreed to run with it.

So Friday night, I scribbled out some thumbnails and work began Saturday morning. I laid out the pages and did the lettering, then Cat penciled them based on my crappy thumbnails. I inked them, though sometimes I completely deviated from what she penciled, then Cat beefed up my lines, added blacks, and toned with a ballpoint pen. Though it was six pages initially, we threw together a title page and a seventh page in the half hour before the deadline (Sunday @ noon) and turned it in with three minutes to spare! Woo! Anyway, here’s the comic. :P









I was sorely tempted to fix a lot of mistakes I suddenly noticed when I scanned this, such as the top of Kamina’s cape not being blacked on page three, but oh well. This thing was thrown together in two days, done in between handling customers and doing on-site commissions, then rushed to the finish line, so whatever~~~. It was fun, anyway (because I like drawing stereotypical con-goers?), and for some reason, we won! :D