WordPress is go!

So I spent most of yesterday and almost all of today learning WordPress and building my own theme from scratch. Okay, it wasn’t completely by scratch — I used the default theme as a template, but that was about it. I’m really surprised at how quickly the whole thing went, honestly — I worked pretty much nonstop last night from 10pm or so until 5am, hahaha. And then I woke up at 10am with the burning desire to keep working and it was grand~. It’s kind of awesome when I can work steadily on something.

Still, because of that, I didn’t get as much work done on commissions today as I wanted. I still have a few things around the site to fix up, but once everything’s settled, I can get back to the commissions and the tons of other awesome projects I want to do this summer.

I’m really excited to finally have a blog integrated into my website. Not only does it now come with a shiny RSS feed, but you’ll have a reason to check back to the site more often. :D I used to keep an artblog on Livejournal, but I’ve disliked it as a public platform ever since they introduced ads for users that weren’t logged in. I’ll probably only be using it now for personal stuff, and all subsequent art-related news and nonsense will be here instead! I’m going to update much, much more often here, for sure, so look forward to sketches, WIPs, and all kinds of shenanigans!