Animated Short: Sticks

Hey, I made some pictures move! :O

This was my final assignment for a basic computer class. It was my first time using After Effects and I did this very leisurely over the course of a week, so it’s super simple and not very exciting, but I’m pleased with it. Man, animating characters via puppeting sure beats tweening and frame-by-frame. If I had known about this earlier, I would have probably done a lot more random animated shorts in my free time. XD But with this, I am 100% done with all of my school work for the rest of forever. Ahahahaha…

Now what? :o

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  1. yidi, this was so awesome! congratulations on being 100% done with school for the rest of forever. from the looks of this, i would daresay you might be doing some more animating down the road for your website (teach me, teach me, ha ha). thanks again for being a super-cool friend/student, sugar ninja, and occasional lunch date (yum). i know you’re not walking saturday, but i’ll be thinking of you then and at some point i’ll raise a glass of rootbeer in your name, hee hee!

    ana :)

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