Oh hi, I’m not dead! I’ve been busy okay. :c

So this year, I ended up skipping out on 24hr Comics Day. To make up for it, I promised Twitter that I would finish a 24-page comic by the end of October (otherwise I’d owe my followers a sketch by the end of November**). So it’s not really a 24-hour comic since I had all month, but you get the same product, I guess. Except it would, theoretically, be of better quality since, you know, I had all month. HAAAAAAAA. THREE WEEKS INTO OCTOBER, I kind of sort of had some thumbnails of an idea. Kind of. So yeah, despite giving myself the month, I ended up drawing the whole thing in a week basically. While working fulltime.

** I occasionally promise to do things by a certain time on Twitter. If I don’t follow through, I owe a sketch to whoever calls me out on it. Incentive to follow me and endure the other 95% of the annoying tweets that aren’t promises? Yes. :P

The Z Train – cover
by =Kiriska on deviantART

I’m not super pleased with the results to be honest, but I guess doing something lackluster is still better than doing nothing at all, which is what the last few months have felt like. One of these days, I’ll be able to finish a comic without imposing ridiculously stupid deadlines on myself, but that day is not today.

I finished the comic in inks just short of midnight on Halloween, but then I decided to add tones too, so I’m still doing those. Does that count as having finished? I dunno. I guess I’ll draw you a sketch if you really, really want, but if it isn’t done by November, too bad, because I have put off my starting NaNoWriMo to ensure this comic gets toned and need to catch up ASAP.

And speaking of NaNoWriMo, I have no idea what I’m writing. After playing around with a concept for the better of seven years, I am thinking of giving fantasy a shot as a genre, but seeing as I never read a lot of fantasy, I’m not sure how this is going to go. Maybe I will change my mind completely by the time I actually start writing. The first of November has come and gone already, and this is the first time in all my years doing NaNoWriMo that I’ve not written a single word the first day… This doesn’t particularly bode well, but I’m still too exhausted from drawing that comic to care right now. The panic will catch up to me, I’m sure.

But anyway, I’ll be posting one page of The Z Train a day on deviantART until all of it’s online, then I’ll throw it into the Comics section of this website.