I’ve been calling Pokemon #566 Archaeopteryxmon because there’s no official English name yet and because that’s basically what he is. His Japanese official romanji is Aaken, but I’d rather not get attached to it. Regardless, I’m pretty sure this guy is my favorite generation five Pokemon, and it was awesome to ignore other obligations for a few brief hours to work on the sketch I posted Saturday. I regret nothing!

Digital inks over the sketch. I recently upgraded from Photoshop CS2 to CS5, and maaaaaaaaaaaan, inking is so much smoother in the latter. The canvas rotation tool also made inking feathers on the computer about a billion times easier than usual. I have been inking a lot of things traditionally in the last year or two because it was faster, but I think I might be going back to digital now…

Suddenly, a background! Painting clouds is ridiculously satisfying and made infinitely easier with nice brushes. I think most of the brushes I used on this are from Ani.

Flat colors, though I had forgotten a few things when I took this screenshot — one of his wing claws isn’t colored in and his tail feather is supposed to be blue. Oops. Here I also put a slight red overlay on the background so the orange/yellows didn’t blend together.

Prelim shading layer and the last progress shot I took before finishing. It was only about half an hour of work beyond this point anyway — just some blending on that shading layer, then a bunch of color and lighting adjustments. Final version is below!

You can see a bigger version on deviantART below:

Orange Dawn
by =Kiriska on deviantART