Con Report: MomoCon 2010

Got home from MomoCon just before midnight last night. Went to bed exhausted around 1:30am and had an amazingly frustrating art history class at eight in the morning followed by a two hour crash and an equally frustrating Senior Project class. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about how the con went and look at pictures of cosplayers instead~!

This is one of the drawings I sent to MomoCon for use.


Since MomoCon is a two-day con, we left early Friday afternoon. The organization of the travel group was actually the most complicated I’ve had to deal with. Since my roommate Cat and I always table together and since Cat always drives, I usually only arrange things for the people riding with us in her car even though there are usually more people staying with us at the hotel. For one reason or other, this time around, I ended up having to arrange situations for three cars and ten people between them. There was some drama when one of my drivers bailed on me last minute, but then Ted came to the rescue and the important thing is that ALL OF US WERE OUT OF SAVANNAH BY 1:30pm Friday afternoon! Party members for the weekend are: myself, Cat, Ted, Jung-ha, Chewi, Mukki, Seana, Lochi, Billie, and Juliana! All of us were tabling in Artist Alley except Ted, who skipped on the con altogether and explored Atlanta instead.

The drive to Atlanta was largely uneventful. Mixtapes we went through included 80 minutes of 90’s cartoons and themes, 90 minutes of 80’s music, and a random anime mix we cycled through twice. We stayed in the same Days Inn again though we didn’t get the same room as the last two times (which would have been hilariously coincidental). After checking in and dumping everything into the room, we all went to a Korean restaurant for dinner because I’d been craving Korean for the last five weeks. I really wish I could get decent Korean or Chinese food in Savannah, but only Japanese and Thai places seem to exist. :| (Not that that’s a bad thing, but come on. I want variety.)

We all sat in parties of three and four for dinner to avoid gratuity (and because the place was kind of small) and split up afterwards. Ted took Mukki and I to the con site to pick up our badges, but everyone else apparently went back to the hotel. It wasn’t a huge loss on their part though because GATech was apparently having a game that night and the campus was crowded as hell. Parking around the con site was difficult to find and Ted ended up just dropping us off and driving around while Mukki and I ran up and down the Student Center trying to find Kevin, the AA/Dealer’s Room director to get our badges because they weren’t with the regular pre-registration badges. :|

After that, it was basically a con-prepping party in the hotel room as pretty much everyone was cutting out keychains and bookmarks and business cards and running things through the laminator and getting little bits of paper all over the room! Lights were out by 1:30am, I think. I didn’t sleep well (if at all?), but I never sleep well the night before a con. :<


Set-up for AA started at 8am, but since the AA didn’t actually open until 10am, I felt it unnecessary to get there that early. Since most of the party hadn’t picked up their badges yet though, Jung-ha’s subgroup (Juliana, Billie, Seana) headed out early around 7:45am or so. Lochi and Cat went to Waffle House around then for breakfast. I finally dragged myself up around 8:15, waited around for Chewi and Mukki to finish putting on their cosplays (Haruhi Suzumiya and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service respectively) and the rest of us headed out around 8:35.

I felt like AA was a bit more disorganized this year than last year, which is weird because last year was pretty chaotic. This year, there were two “official” Artist Alleys. One in the Student Center and one in the Instructional Center. The one in the SC was the “prime” location since most of the main events took place in the same building, including the Dealer’s Room, which is every con’s main attraction. Most of us were in the SC AA. Poor Lochi was stuck in the IC AA, which I heard had terrible traffic since that building was for all the panels and screenings, so there were less people just wandering around. There was also the Bazaar in the walkway between the SC and the IC which was free-for-all and first-come, first-claim. Those tables were free but subject to the weather, which has been historically terrible for the con (tornado, severe t-storms, etc). A few acquaintances had those tables, I think, but I didn’t leave the AA all Saturday, so I didn’t get to see how they were doing. (It rained on Sunday.)

Anyway, none of the tables in the SC AA were assigned (weird, but nice, I guess), so Cat and I ended up next to Mukki and Chewi in the far corner, furthest from the door. Given the tiny, cramped size of the room, this wasn’t much of a disadvantage. Juliana and Billie were in another corner. Seana and someone she didn’t know beforehand were right by the door, along with Jung-ha and Shadi. Wayah and a fill-in for Fetalstar was on the other side of Cat and I. Eldanis, who had been next to us at AWA, was also there, as well as Pon, whom I’d met at last year’s MomoCon. Actually, it felt like I knew pretty much everyone else in the room, whether we’d actually spoken or because I’d seen them at other cons already. Camaraderie, yeah!

Set-up took much longer than I anticipated because the tables were smaller than expected. The way Cat and I cut the PVC for our set-up, we can accommodate 6′ and 8′ tables by switching out pieces of pipe. We’ve never had any trouble with this, but for some reason, things weren’t matching up this time and we had to improvise a little. I’ll spare the details, but suffice to say that the set-up wasn’t quite as stable as usual and took forever to get together. Things also felt a little more cramped than usual because, as always, we’d both added more to our inventories. Before now, I usually took all of the hanging space under the banner with my badges and paper cranes, but now that Cat has her TF2 prints and stuff, I had to limit the number of cranes I had hanging and triple-stack the badges. We have so much random signage too… I’m sure it was overwhelming for anyone looking at the table. It was the first time we had stuff on the wall behind us though. I’m not entirely sure we were allowed to do that, but no one asked us to take it down and everyone else in the room was doing it too?

Mukki and Chewi’s table. (This picture was taken on Sunday, and Kiki!Mukki was wearing a jacket over her costume and wasn’t wearing her bow yet.)

Juliana and Billie’s table.

Shadi and Jung-ha.

And Seana!

In retrospect, I kinda wish I’d taken pictures of the rest of the AA (and more of the con in general), but I guess you don’t care anyway. XD We were still kind of setting up when it hit 10 o’clock, but the first part of the day was pretty slow anyway. Things picked up in the afternoon, but time seemed to creep slowly because I was so tired. And things were very noticeably less active than they were last year. Last year, as a fortunate result of how chaotic it was, Cat and I were upstairs in Dealer’s Room IV/Artist Alley III. Because the venue has such limited space, Dealer’s Room is split up into multiple rooms on the third floor. Last year, the second AA room was also upstairs rather than in the IC. We were technically a third AA that had been labeled a Dealer’s Room for some reason. But because the main/biggest Dealer’s Room was on the same floor as us, we got all of the Dealer’s Room traffic last year, which was basically an endless flow of people from opening until closing.

This year, there were no AA’s upstairs, only Dealer’s Rooms. The SC AA room is a good walk from the Dealer’s Room and next to the karaoke stage, which probably took away traffic more than added to since crowds would block the view of the room after karaoke started around 5pm. But yeah, I think because of our location, I felt that traffic for us this year was much less than last year. Meanwhile, the line for the Dealer’s Room stretched from the third floor to the first. But heeey, I guess it was better than being in the IC AA. :x But anyway, here are some cosplayers!

To absolutely no one’s surprise, my first cosplay photo of the weekend is again Pokemon-related. Hello, gijinka!Umbreon!

James caught Pikachu! I know it’s lame, but I will never get tired of Team Rocket cosplayers trying to steal various con-goers’ Pokemon plush and chasing after Pokemon gijinka cosplayers with nets and Pokeballs. :X

Wedding Nia and Simon! ;___; I usually just take pictures from behind the table, but they were posing for someone else and I wanted a fullbody shot so I jumped out of my chair for this one.

Lady Une~! I will always take pictures of GW cosplayers. Always, always, always.

Zutto! (You know, I’ve never seen a Heero or Duo that wasn’t a crossplayer.)

Transplanted!Celty! So even though Durarara!! seems ridiculously popular online, I was skeptical as to how this would translate at cons. This was the only DRRR!! cosplayer I saw all weekend, but it was obvious there were fans around because I was sold out of all my DRRR!! bookmarks by noon Sunday. x_x I only made six of each, but still! I wasn’t expecting them to go as quickly as they did and pretty much everyone that bought one freaked out over it. Will definitely need to make more for Nashi-Con and Kami-Con! Also: saying “Durarara!!” many times over the course of the weekend made me feel more weeaboo than anything else. Seriously, how can you say “Durarara!!” without sounding retarded??

I’ve mentioned that Emperor Lulu costumes always impress me, right? ;_;

A crappy picture of one of my first commissions during the weekend (and one of the few I remembered to take a picture of). A lady was looking through my 100 Animal ACEOs (well, there are no longer a hundred since some have been purchased or traded away) and wanted a wolf done in similarly. I didn’t have a ref, so it’s less realistic than the others in the series, I guess.

Freakin’ gorgeous Beatrice cosplayer. *_* Her dress was freakin’ awesome. I mean, I dropped Umineko, but this cosplayer was still amazing. She’s apparently a friend of Chewi’s as they tabled together at Katsucon and more and better photos can be found on here. Upon review of her gallery, I think I took a picture of her as Medusa at a previous con, but I’m not sure.

More Pokemon people! It’s a Bugcatcher! Wish I’d gotten a picture of her net. She had a dragonfly Beanie Baby in it. :D

These girls were adorable and stopped by my table several times over the course of the weekend. I wish I’d gotten pictures of Vulpix’s and Growlithe’s tails because they were super cute too. :3 By virtue of being with three other Pokemon, I think the girl in the white is supposed to be Mew rather than Chi from Chobits, but I never asked.

Mushuuuuuuuuuu! So another thing nice about our room last year was that it was well air-conditioned, unlike the rest of the con. The room we were in this year, as it was last year, was a sauna, as S-Girl put it. I was guzzling water all weekend and it was an all around uncomfortable place to be for hours after hours. As such, I have huge respect for all the people in fursuits and the like. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must have been under there. x_x

It’s a trap! :)

With REAL LEEKS. (I checked!)

I think there should be more Harry Potter cosplayers. :3 Actually, a Ravenclaw girl commissioned both Cat and I for TF2-related stuff, but I didn’t get a picture of mine before I handed it off.

This was the Cheetara we saw at AWA! This is her CATS (the musical) costume. She told us the original reason she even did Cheetara was because people were mistaking this costume for Cheetara.

Artist Alley was supposed to close at 7pm, but that time came and went and no one came by to shut us down. This was a huge contrast to last year, when there were staff swarming around and telling people to get out of the room ten minutes before closing. Also, this year, the Dealer’s Room had the same opening/closing times as AA. Last year, they closed an hour earlier. (At AWA, the AA stayed open for hours after the Dealer’s Room closed and those were our busiest hours since people had no where else to go buy things.) It was kind of weird. Last year, traffic and business were so good, we badgered staff to let us stay open an extra hour. This year, everyone was so freakin’ exhausted and tired and hot that we eventually had an artist go hunt down Kevin and the other guy in charge of AA/DR to come and lock the room so we could all leave (since no one wanted to take down their displays).

We pretty much booked it out of there as soon as the room was locked at 8pm. None of us had eaten all day, so as soon as we got back to the hotel, we walked to Waffle House counted our money, then walked to Waffle House and devoured steak and eggs and waffles and sandwiches. After that, everyone took turns at the shower and we had a few drinks before everyone just passed out right before midnight. I slept better Saturday night, probably because I was just too exhausted to be preoccupied with anything.


I was completely knocked out until 6:30am, when Jung-ha’s alarm rang continuously because she was at one end of the room and the phone was at the other end. =_= No one actually started getting up until 7am or so. We all kinda dragged our feet before grabbing breakfast again at the Waffle House and packing up. Since Ted wasn’t attending the con, he checked out after dropping us off and sleeping for a few more hours.

There was some kind of marathon going on on Sunday, which blocked off some of the roads leading to the convention site. It was also raining on and off all day, so I think there were less people around. We got there around 9:15am but the room wasn’t open for some reason! So Chewi and I went up to the Dealer’s Room. I had intended to go up on Saturday to visit Michael and Harper of Grapevine Fires (soon to be Hatcore), but the gigantic line dissuaded me. I didn’t realize until later that since Dealers and Artists had the same badges, I could have totally bypassed the line with my badge. >_> So we went up Sunday morning before they officially opened with our badge privileges! Not that there was anyone around to check them anyway!

The entire third floor was Dealer’s Rooms. Of course, Grapevine’s booth was in the last room I checked. Michael and Harper weren’t there yet when I got there, but Kevin the AA/DR Director was! We informed him that the AA wasn’t open for some reason and he sent someone down to unlock it. ~_~ Right across the aisle from them was another dealer. With the 10″ DX Totodile plush. :| I hadn’t planned on buying anything from the Dealer’s Room because 1) I was there to make money, not spend it! 2) I seriously don’t have anymore room for toys, and 3) I SERIOUSLY DON’T HAVE ANY MORE ROOM FOR TOYS. But I went back downstairs for my wallet and to help Cat with the minor set-up things we needed to do before coming back back fifteen minutes later. Chatted with Michael and Harper for a few minutes and then bought the stupid thing. :| Totodile sat on my table for all of Sunday with a hat full of free paper cranes on his head. Since the table was pretty small already, this meant I couldn’t draw on the table anymore, lol. To draw all my commissions, I had to prop my sketchbook against the side. OH WELL. Wish I’d gotten pictures of Totodile with his giant hat ful of cranes, but I forgot.

Sunday was slower in terms of merchandise sales and there were more periods of time when the room was completely empty, but I took more commissions!

This is the second best commission I was asked to do over the weekend. I’m unfamiliar with the character, but it was still pretty awesome!

A cosplayer to go with it!

Misty and Togepi. Misty commissioned me for some Katekyo Hitman Reborn! sketches. I haven’t’ seen or read Reborn!, but luckily, I was able to steal some references from Chewi since she had Reborn! keychains for sale.

Man!Misty and Togepi!


Around 3pm, I was dying of thirst and left the room in search of water. Tap water from the fountains was disgusting, possibly more disgusting than Savannah tap, which is surprising. All of the vending machines were either out of water or not working. I refused to buy Ramune for $3 a bottle. After trekking all over the SC and even over to the IC, I just got some overly expensive vitamin water that wasn’t nearly as cold as I wanted it to be, but whatever!

Around 4pm, some wonderful staff people came by with pizza for all of the artists. ;___; This was awesome and we really, really appreciated it!

I saw Mario and asked for a picture. Mario called for Luigi who was across the room. And then they posed for this picture and it was grand.

So this guy had a pretty cool pen tattoo Dark Mark. I told him so and he told us the story of how people would only want to take pictures of his Dark Mark, but not him. I told him if he could get his face and arm in closer proximity, I’d take a picture of both. After a lot of hilarious twisting around, this was managed. 8D

Now and then I’ll see people cosplaying Velma and Fred with the occasional Daphne. I think I saw a Shaggy once as well. I want a full Scooby Doo group! Complete with a fursuiter! (Or a real dog is fine too!)

There needs to be more Digimon gijinka to balance out all of the Pokemon! Shamefully, I didn’t recognize Pegasusmon at first (despite having rewatched all of season two over finals??), but I asked for a picture anyway and she said Nefertimon had just wandered out and went to go get her for the picture. Hurray!

I’ve never seen anyone cosplay Nny, so this was pretty cool.

This was the best commission I did over the weekend, a collaboration with Cat. x_x So this guy was there, no sure what he wanted. Somehow we talked him into this. SOMEHOW. A nude except for fig leaf chibi portrait. With Sephiroth. Cat did the portrait. I did the Sephiroth (no reference). I don’t even know. I DON’T EVEN KNOWWWW.

Oh! I almost forgot! Here are some wonderful staff people wearing a shirt with my other art submission on it. I don’t like this one as much as red guitar girl, but I’m happy they found a use for it anyway.

At around 6pm, with an hour of business to go, I wandered around the alley looking for new buttons for my hat (modeled below by Totodile).

But since pretty much all of the artists I had seen before at other conventions, I’d already gotten buttons from many of them and there weren’t many new buttons for me to choose from. So I didn’t end up getting any, but I did strike up a short conversation with LC3 and his table partner, S-Girl, who had stopped by earlier and whom I recognized both from last year’s MomoCon and AWA. I commissioned LC3 for an ATC of one of my characters, but he turned it into an art trade instead!

Photos by LC3. I took some, but they were crappy! Left is my ATC of his ghost character and right is his ridiculously adorable rendition of my neglected Aymichi.

I had also wanted to commission/trade with Wayah, but we were running out of time, so I guess we can either figure that out online or next time I see her at a con. The room was pretty dead for the last half-hour or so of business, so artists started taking things down around 6:40pm. We packed up and loaded the cars in the rain. We had planned on getting one last meal at the Waffle House before heading home, but since all the artists had gotten pizza and since Ted had already eaten, we just decided to go straight home. The drive home heard some swanky folk songs, including Ted singing a pretty sweet “American Pie,” as well as some chillaxy instrumentals and my Bipolar Mix III, also known as “this mix no sense,” which had POLYSICS back-to-back with Regina Spektor, if I recall correctly.

Made it back to Savannah just before midnight, as I said.

Totodile, whom I think I’ll name Charlie, my badge, and the MomoCon 2010 booklet. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. I think everyone’s issue with the con is just space and some of the disorganization that comes with managing such a difficult space, but I hear they’ll (finally) be changing venues next year, so that’ll be cool, even if I probably won’t be able to attend. I didn’t do as well this year as I did last year, but I still did better at MomoCon than I did at AWA. In any case, I think the staff do a great job and run a good show. I haven’t been able to attend any panels or anything the last two years since I’ve been busy manning tables and am too exhausted to do anything after AA closes, but they do keep adding more and more interesting things each year.

Actually, this year, one of my former professors, Bob Pendarvis, was hosting a panel promoting the Sugar Ninjas anthology and talking about storytelling in comics, etc. I had wanted to attend, but the time it was set was a busy time in AA and I didn’t end up getting to see Bob at all over the weekend. :(

But yeah, decent weekend overall! It was nice seeing folks around and I’m glad I got to hang out with other artists a bit more than I usually do. I’ll be back in Atlanta for FWA this weekend and I’m sure lots more hanging out will happen there. x3 Hopefully that will make up for the exhaustion of having two shows on back-to-back weekends with a full week of classes in between. >_>

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