Miles to go before I sleep

Er, so the Minicomics Expo went very well. Jeremy Nguyen had a brief post about it over on SEQALAB. I neglected to bring my camera and so don’t have any pictures of my own, but you can totally see my leg in the far-right of this photo, lol. It is next to the red-starred commie bag. :P

Annnnd the following Sunday, the 28th, SOI had another gallery opening featuring one of my pieces. I meant to write about it and post some pictures, but then finals happened. I promise to get that up eventually though. D: In the meantime, after some 40-50 hours of work, I finished my Comics Painting final. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done all quarter and I’m very pleased with it.

Following up our acrylic and watercolor assignments, the final was to be a mixed media, four-page adaptation of a song or poem. I decided to do Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening,” partially because it’s one of my favorite poems and partially because it happened to be a perfect four stanzas. I worked primarily in watercolor because it’s my favorite paint media and fulfilled the mixed media requirement by adding in gouache and minor collage elements via pasted on paper snowflakes and lettering.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take progress pictures until I was this far into it and already had most of the figures finished. In retrospect, I really should have done more of the background before I did the character. It was a pain in the ass working around him later on, especially since, being all watercolor, heavy washes would  have pretty much erased him. Getting this far also took an insanely long time because I had to layer everything like four times before it any of the colors were saturated enough.

Finished painting the horse and blocked in basic background elements. Started working in gouache for the darker parts of the sky.

Almost done! Just need to add snow! The fun part!

Snowflakes in blobs of white gouache! Plus, preliminary lettering to figure out placement. And paper snowflakes. Holy crap it is hard to fold and cut when the paper is like 40x40mm! Ideally, I wanted them smaller, but there was just no freakin’ way it was happening with my fat fingers.

Proper scans of the pages before I added the snowflakes and lettering. The scans could be a lot better, but since the original pages were so warped and because I had to press down the scanner top while scanning, there were weird shadows on the scans that I had to try and fix and blah… PRO TIP: Don’t use illustration board for very wet media. :( I’m sure this would have turned out a lot better if I had used watercolor paper, but nooooo… I don’t have enough boards to stretch four giant pieces of watercolor paper at the same time and I wanted to work on the pages simultaneously, so yeah. COLORS ARE PRETTY AWFUL. Especially on the third page. I don’t even know.

Final version is below! I ended up adding some more general, gouache blob snowflakes in addition to the few paper ones that were varnished on. Text is all hand written on cardstock then pasted on black for a border, then pasted on the pages. Did margin clean-up digitally and added some panel borders to some of the inset panels. Colors are still weird even after tweaking color balance for like fifteen minutes. =_= OH WELL. DONE IS DONE. Now I have eight pages and two covers to finish inking for another class for Thursday and then I’m done with this quarter. Woo!

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening