Rainbows and Rainclouds: Progress Report II

So I was probably a little annoying on Twitter last night and this morning constantly noting the progress (or lack thereof) on these pages. It was really my own fault I ran so close to the deadline though. I had actually managed to ink six and some odd pages over Kami-Con and so finished up all of the inks by Tuesday of last week and by Thursday had cleaned and fixed up most of what needed to be fixed digitally. One of my periodic deadlines for the class was today and I was supposed to have a minimum of six pages colored in addition to the finished inks. Personally, I wanted to have eight pages colored.

But basically I had the entire weekend, Friday-Sunday to color those pages. Long story short, I put off starting them until midway through Sunday afternoon and stayed up all night to finish the required six before I had to go to my eight o’clock art history class Monday morning. But heyyyy, I finished. I always finish.

I went through all 40 pages to clean and fix inks before coloring, but somehow I always manage to forget things, like that bar across the window. I had a really hard time getting started on the colors partially because I haven’t colored very many comic pages and find it pretty tedious. Details in the background like in the first panel here really turn me off and I want to take breaks constantly. I also have a hard time choosing colors because I’m worried everything will be too bold and that the background will draw attention away from the foreground. The only part that I really enjoy is getting to play with the lighting at the end, so stuff like the light from the window and the shadow of the thing there.

The fact that the bird went through the glass of the window without breaking anything was something I completely overlooked until after I inked it. Hilariously, no one that saw this page seemed to acknowledge the snafu until I pointed it out. In the end, instead of redrawing anything, I just made the bird phase through the glass. PERFECTLY PLAUSIBLE, AMIRITE? I mean, it’s obviously a magical bird anyway. v_v The last panel is a little empty, but oh well.

I had fun with the lighting on this page, I did, especially in the last panel. The Gryffindor scarf in the closet is worn in both Sunflowers and Rainbows and in Grains of Salt in Tokyo, but this comic takes place during spring or summer. :> Also, the stuffed toy on the bookshelf (not the dinosaur) belongs to Harmany, who starred in a oneshot comic I did in 2008 entitled banshee. I like sneaking references in!

I like this page because it was easy to color, lol. Also, for once I’m actually pretty pleased with that cityscape.

This page on the other hand, took FOREVER. Fields of flowers are not fun to color, no, no, no.

I don’t actually remember coloring this page. It seemed to go by oddly fast, considering how long the previous page took me. It was like seven in the morning at this point though, and I had had like five or six mugs of tea. Yeah… After finishing this, I got some strong coffee and went to class. Even with the coffee, I don’t remember much of my art history class either, but at least I went! ~_~

All things considered, I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out. I think now that I’ve started, the next 34 pages won’t be as hard to do and I won’t procrastinate as much (hopefully). I have a little less than four weeks to finish coloring the rest, though again, I’d really like to finish before then so I can go ahead and get a copy or two printed for the end of the quarter. These will be the only finished pages I’ll be posting online, though I’ll probably also post the cover once I finish that.

I still haven’t had a chance to work on the cover and in my forgetfulness, I went ahead and sold my watercolors (because I’ll be moving soon and have already have another set in Houston), so… I guess I won’t be using watercolors. I could use gouache instead, but I haven’t done a straight-up gouache piece in a while. I might do a combination of marker and gouache, but we’ll see… I guess I gotta figure that out soon though.

These last couple of weeks are gonna come and go too fast.