Rainbows and Rainclouds: Progress Report III

Well, I’m done, more or less.

I worked steadily all last week coloring 3-5 pages a day, and I meant to work through this week also. If I had stayed on schedule, I would have finished coloring by Thursday, but I ended up finishing late Friday night/Saturday morning instead and then doing the cover this evening. It wasn’t that big of a deal though. I just wanted to finish everything earlier so I could have plenty of time to prep the files for printing this weekend and then send everything off to Lulu by Monday so hopefully they’ll be able to print and ship it before my final critique. As far as the class goes, I could have stopped coloring on page 30 because that’s all that will be due on the final critique, but whatever. 40 pages and a cover, done two weeks early, how about that.

This is a panel from page 10. There’s lots of epic lighting in this comic and that’s what I had the most fun with since it’s basically playing with a billion layers of color and blending attributes. I think this crazy sunset lasts for five or six pages, lol.

More epic lighting! This is a panel from page 28. This part of the story has lots and lots o sparkles and shininess and oh man I hope these colors turn out okay when I print it.

Here is a tiny, blurred screenshot of the folder on my computer that contains all the print ready files. It doesn’t look like much, does it? It feels kind of weird that this took eight weeks from start to finish. I’ll need to compile everything in InDesign tomorrow and then place the order to Lulu. That will give them eight business days to send me my book. I’ll probably have to get expedited shipping, but hopefully it won’t be a problem…

I’m only ordering the one proof copy so I can see how the colors turn out and such. I don’t expect I’ll be able to sell many copies of this though, so I’m not sure how many books I’ll order after I fix any issues that come up in the proof. I was entertaining the idea of doing a few more similar comics and doing a collected book, Rainbows and Rainclouds and Other Stories, or something, but I dunno. Time is an issue. I have too many things I want to and need to do after I graduate in… twelve days.

Anyway, I’ll make a final “progress report” when the proof comes in. :3