Rainbows and Rainclouds: Progress Report

Actually, “Rainbows and Rainclouds” is still just a tentative title. I like the alliteration a lot, but there actually aren’t that many rainbows in this comic. Come to think of it, there aren’t that many rainclouds either, but they’re considerably more relevant! I’m not really sure what my other options for titles are though. The first comic was “Sunflowers and Rainbows” so I kind of just wanted to follow the “noun and noun” pattern. And if “rainbows” moves up from the second word to the first word, then maybe the hypothetical third comic would be “Rainclouds and [other noun]”? I have no idea. So I guess I’ll just stick with “Rainbows and Rainclouds” since that’s the best I’ve got.

In case you missed it, this is my Senior Project. So I guess it’s the last piece of creative work I’ll do as a “student.” After this, I’m a “graduate.” Damn.

This is the stack of finished inks! Right now, I have 31 of 40 pages inked. I am really hoping to have all the pages inked by Monday so I can do touch-ups and start coloring ASAP, but considering Kami-Con is this weekend, a more realistic goal would be to have all the pages inked for next Wednesday. Nine pages isn’t that much, but yeah. I think by now I should just accept that not that much non-con work is going to get done at cons. Will keep trying though.

Here are a bunch of the pages scattered on the floor. Obviously, all 31 of them weren’t going to line up nicely for a picture. I’m relatively pleased with how the inks have been turning out. I’ve only been using tech pens since I’m working too small to really be comfortable with brush and I still hate quill for inking comics. I have a really awesome Tombow semi-brush pen I was using for awesome line weights, but it’s gone dry and I don’t really have time to order a replacement. So my line weights still need a lot of work. Will probably make a final pass through everything and beef those up some more after I’m done with the last nine pages.

Since there’s no dialogue and everything is explained via pictographs, my main concern for this comic has been clarity. It was hard to get many opinions from my sloppy pencils, but my class seems pretty able to figure out what’s going on from these inks. It’s a relief, but I also wonder how representational they are of a general audience — I mean, these guys are used to figuring stuff out from pictures, right? Would a random person off the street get what’s going on? Or little kids since this is probably a little kid’s story? I dunno. I don’t know a lot of random people on the streets. Or little kids.

Aside from clarity, my other concern was just being able to color this monster fast enough. All of those fields of flowers are gonna kill me, probably.

I have the covers for this thumbnailed (it’s gonna be a front/back spread), but I’m not sure how I want to execute it yet. I kind of want to do a watercolor painting because I miss painting already and I think it’d be a neat contrast to the digital colors of the interior pages. Or maybe a marker piece? I don’t really know and don’t have a schedule for which to finish the cover… I just need to finish it by the time I finish everything else. Which is the end of May.

These are the pages I have left to ink! Will I be able to finish by Monday?

Either way, I’ll hopefully have some colored things to show soon, as well as scans of the cover thumbnails. Maybe I’ll have actual progress on the covers too?