SOI Artists for Animals Reception

Yay, finals are over! Time to catch up with everything else!

The SCAD Society of Illustrators opened their second “Artists for Animals” show on February 28th at their Savannah Mall gallery. (The first show opened at SCAD’s Poetter Hall Gallery earlier in the month.) The reception was 1pm-4pm. I didn’t get there until around 2:30 or so and only stayed briefly, but it was still a good looking show. Here are the belated photos!

SOI Humane Society Show

I always like how the front of the gallery looks. The displays are snazzy and green is my favorite color, durrhurr.

60% of the proceeds of sales from the show were to go to the Humane Society of Greater Savannah. They had a few dogs up for adoption at the reception, but most of them had already left by the time I got there.

This pretty girl was still hangin’ out though. I think she belonged to the gallery director.

My piece for the show, “Savannah Lady.” It is brown ink, watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper with a digital background made from a photo I took of a square in downtown Savannah. Dog is an Irish Setter.

I was kind of confused with the formatting since they told us to include the Humane Society logo in the piece, but then most of the pieces ended up not having them? I probably should have included a version without the logo just in case, but I didn’t think of it at the time. Probably because I stayed up all night finishing this and rushed it over to Morris Hall first thing in the morning the day it was due. >_> Would have also designated a lower price for the piece if I knew they were only selling prints of it since I also included my original. Oh well! I’m still really happy with how it turned out. The theme for the show was pretty much just pets and animals, but that’s kind of all I draw anyway, haha. I didn’t realize until later that this piece was really, really similar to what I had in the SOI Monster Show though.

For some reason, my piece was hanging in the exact same spot as my piece in the previous show! The stylish cat in the hat next to it is by my friend Karen.

More pieces on the same wall. Everything was printed and mounted on board.

For some reason all the really weird ones involved cats. The frisbee dog near the end is also Karen’s. She had two pieces in the show!

This was probably my favorite piece in the show! It’s nothing new, but owner/pet similarities like this was always really cute. :3

This piece was pretty cool too. Red dot means it’s been sold!

They made most of the art into neat swag, including a mini calendar, some mugs, flat magnets, stone magnets, postcards and bookmarks. Mine was printed as a bookmark. I really want to make some stone magnets as merch for cons, but I can’t find the flat stones to use anywhere but online and the shipping always makes it not worth it. Wouldn’t mind making some flat magnets too though…hm.

That’s about it. I’m not sure when the next show is or what the theme will be, but I’m gonna try not to last-minute it this time! As an extra, here are a page of quick sketches I did before diving into painting “Savannah Lady.”

The original idea had been to do a gentleman dog, but suits are harder to draw than dresses. Then the idea was to draw two women gossiping or something, but the piece of paper I had was long and thin and I didn’t think the composition worked too well. Besides, it was past midnight when I started and painting two figures would have taken forever, so I settled on just the one!

Savannah Lady