2017 Artist Alley Survey results

The Convention Artist Survey Report for 2017 is finally done!

For 2017, 782 responses were collected for over 300 different conventions in 49 states and provinces. A new record!

2017 Convention Artist Survey Report

The 2017 Report

For those unfamiliar, the annual Convention Artist Survey collects data anonymously from artists and artisans in North America about numbers related to conventions as a business — how much artists make, how much they spend, how far they travel, how staff communication and organisation was, whether buying interest and attendee engagement was high, etc.

This report takes all of those numbers and data points and presents various charts and graphs for easier consumption.

You can grab the 2017 report below for $5 or more!


This 2017 report includes:

  • 28 pages of overall analysis
    • Including such graphs as Gross Revenue by Experience, by Percentile, by Convention Genre, by Convention Size, by Region, by State/Province, by Primary Product, by Artist Recommendation, and many more divisions; Convention Ratings by Size and Genre, 2016 Gross Revenue VS 2017, Top Cons by Average Gross Revenue, by Overall Rating, and much more!
  • 36 pages of individual con data
    • 2 pages each for these 18 conventions: A-Kon, Anime Boston, Anime Central, Anime Expo, Anime Matsuri, Anime North, Crunchyroll Expo, Denver Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, FanimeCon, Geek Girl Con, Katsucon, Otakon, Otakuthon, Rose City Comic Con, SacAnime Winter, Sakura-Con, Youmacon
  • 163 total charts and graphs
  • A lot of tables

2017 Convention Artist Report

Last year’s 2016 report is also now available with a $0 minimum.

The 2017 Data

Wanna check my work, crunch your own numbers, look up conventions that didn’t get an individual report, or read some of the extensive comments artists have left about their favourite and least favourite cons? The raw data will always be available for free. The spreadsheet has been sorted alphabetically by convention with timestamps stripped to help preserve the anonymity of respondents.

Red-flagged rows in the raw data denote data that’s unusable in some way (data from 2016, multiple cons in one entry, unspecified con, etc), though for the latter, they still may be included in overall statistics. Orange boxes in the raw data flag incorrect information which can still be fixed and used. In most cases, corrections made in the adjusted data are for region, attendance figures, genre, etc.

The 2018 Survey

2018 Convention Artist Survey

The 2018 survey is accepting responses through 11:59pm PST, January 15th, 2019.

Changes this year: Some old questions have been removed to try and simplify the survey and make it less cumbersome to fill out.

Spread the word of the survey to artists you know and help expand its reach! A chart based on 100 responses is more meaningful than a chart based on 10.

The 2017 survey saw comic cons qualifying for an individual report for the first time, and the 2018 report is already going to be the first to have an individual report for a furry con (many thanks to all the Further Confusion submissions so far!). Want to see more variety? Indie comic cons? Your small local college con? Ask artists who attend those cons to contribute!

Can 2018 be the year we hit 1,000 responses?

2017 Con Artist Report Genre distro
Want your genre of choice to have a bigger slice of pie? Contribute!

Mailing List

You can sign up for email updates regarding the survey.

Joining the mailing list gets you:

  • Quarterly (ish) reminders to fill out the survey,
  • Occasional mid-year statistic insights,
  • Exclusive access to mid-year raw data,
  • Early access to year-end raw data, and, of course
  • Announcements when the next survey and report are live.

Since registration for conventions often happens long before the data and report are available, getting that early access can help inform your convention planning and decision making!

Announcements of new surveys and reports will also be made on Artist Alley Network International and How to be a Con Artist, but the mailing list helps prevent them from getting lost in the Internet shuffle.

2017 Artist Alley report

That’s it! Go fill out the 2018 survey for cons so far this year, and come find me to say hi at BLFC next weekend in Reno! :)

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