Cutie Steel Lijin

I just put the entirety of Cutie Steel Lijin, the 24-page oneshot comic I did last year, online.

Cutie Steel Lijin - cover

Cutie Steel Lijin – Front Cover

This comic was inspired by a particularly fruitful round of Channel A, a game in which you pitch the plot of an anime fitting the genres of the round and with a name using one or more title cards in your hand. The required genres were “steampunk” and “comic artist” and I had some pretty great title cards. The finished comic debuted at Emerald City Comic Con last year, and I figured a year sitting on it was enough, so now it’s all online, though you can still pick up a physical copy in my store.

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Final thoughts on The Z Train

I just posted the last page of The Z Train on deviantART (start at the first page here). I hope it was at least somewhat enjoyable.The whole thing will be added to the Comics part of this website as soon as I fix the handful of toning mistakes I made in my rush to be finished.

After going back through the comic again this month, one page at a time, I still have a lot of misgivings about the end product, but regardless, it is definitely nice to actually have an end product. Working on this comic proved that I could still draw and finish things while pulling full time hours at the Real Job… as long as I have a tight, immovable deadline. If I could only come up with enough ideas to work from, I could probably do one of these every other month or so. But the problem is the ideas. It took me three weeks to finalize the story/thumbnails for The Z Train, and little more than a week to pencil, ink, and tone the whole thing. You’d think it’d be the other way around.

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The Z Train

Oh hi, I’m not dead! I’ve been busy okay. :c

So this year, I ended up skipping out on 24hr Comics Day. To make up for it, I promised Twitter that I would finish a 24-page comic by the end of October (otherwise I’d owe my followers a sketch by the end of November**). So it’s not really a 24-hour comic since I had all month, but you get the same product, I guess. Except it would, theoretically, be of better quality since, you know, I had all month. HAAAAAAAA. THREE WEEKS INTO OCTOBER, I kind of sort of had some thumbnails of an idea. Kind of. So yeah, despite giving myself the month, I ended up drawing the whole thing in a week basically. While working fulltime.

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Preorder Rainbows and Rainclouds

Heeeeey, so after a month of corrections, edits, sending off for multiple proofs from multiple printers, and wrestling over price VS quality issues, Rainbows and Rainclouds is finally ready for preorders! For previews of the book and comic, you can dig through the “rainbows” tag here on this blog.

The books are softcover, perfect bound with awesome full color interiors for the entire 40-page comic and two bonus illustrations. They are $20 each, and shipping is $5 (added at check-out) within the US and +$2.50 per book for international shipping (sorry, guys). All preordered books will be signed and include a free sketch. Don’t forget to include a note with your order if you want me to make a dedication out to someone! I’m going to also try to include the printed minicomic version of Sunflowers and Rainbows with every preorder. It will depend on a few factors, but I’m gonna try!

An eBook version is also available in PDF format for $4. The eBook will be automatically available to everyone who buys a real book, so you won’t have to wait long at all to actually read the comic! (It might be more exciting to wait for the physical copy to ship though!)

Preorders will end Sunday, July 11th at 11:59 pm CST. Hopefully, this leave plenty of time for me to get the books to you before the end of July.

After preorders, the book will mainly be available at conventions or other events I attend. I may eventually make them available for regular purchase online, but I haven’t decided yet, so it might be best to snag your copy now!

Preorder today!

Preorders are now closed.

Rainbows and Rainclouds: Final

My book came in today!

Considering I ordered it on Sunday, I’m really surprised it got here so quickly, even with expedited shipping (since expedited shipping doesn’t mean expedited printing). I kind of wonder if I could have gotten away with just getting ground shipping, but whatever, it’s here with time to spare, and I don’t regret paying extra for it.

And the book looks awesome!

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