Rainbows and Rainclouds: Progress Report III

Well, I’m done, more or less.

I worked steadily all last week coloring 3-5 pages a day, and I meant to work through this week also. If I had stayed on schedule, I would have finished coloring by Thursday, but I ended up finishing late Friday night/Saturday morning instead and then doing the cover this evening. It wasn’t that big of a deal though. I just wanted to finish everything earlier so I could have plenty of time to prep the files for printing this weekend and then send everything off to Lulu by Monday so hopefully they’ll be able to print and ship it before my final critique. As far as the class goes, I could have stopped coloring on page 30 because that’s all that will be due on the final critique, but whatever. 40 pages and a cover, done two weeks early, how about that.

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Rainbows and Rainclouds: Progress Report II

So I was probably a little annoying on Twitter last night and this morning constantly noting the progress (or lack thereof) on these pages. It was really my own fault I ran so close to the deadline though. I had actually managed to ink six and some odd pages over Kami-Con and so finished up all of the inks by Tuesday of last week and by Thursday had cleaned and fixed up most of what needed to be fixed digitally. One of my periodic deadlines for the class was today and I was supposed to have a minimum of six pages colored in addition to the finished inks. Personally, I wanted to have eight pages colored.

But basically I had the entire weekend, Friday-Sunday to color those pages. Long story short, I put off starting them until midway through Sunday afternoon and stayed up all night to finish the required six before I had to go to my eight o’clock art history class Monday morning. But heyyyy, I finished. I always finish.

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Rainbows and Rainclouds: Progress Report

Actually, “Rainbows and Rainclouds” is still just a tentative title. I like the alliteration a lot, but there actually aren’t that many rainbows in this comic. Come to think of it, there aren’t that many rainclouds either, but they’re considerably more relevant! I’m not really sure what my other options for titles are though. The first comic was “Sunflowers and Rainbows” so I kind of just wanted to follow the “noun and noun” pattern. And if “rainbows” moves up from the second word to the first word, then maybe the hypothetical third comic would be “Rainclouds and [other noun]”? I have no idea. So I guess I’ll just stick with “Rainbows and Rainclouds” since that’s the best I’ve got.

In case you missed it, this is my Senior Project. So I guess it’s the last piece of creative work I’ll do as a “student.” After this, I’m a “graduate.” Damn.

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Unicorns and Job Fair

In a few hours, I’ll be across the river at the Savannah Convention Center for SCAD’s annual Job/Career Fair, which has been hurriedly combined this year with the Sequential Department’s annual Editor’s Day in preparation for next year, when the entire event is supposed to turn into SCADCon, a three-day, full-fledged convention. Thing.

There will be an Artist Alley at the Job Fair, so I’ll be hanging around with my usual collection of everything: minicomics, prints, originals, ACEOs, and on-site commissions, though I’m not expecting to do much selling since the whole affair is more about self-promotion than snagging sales. …I’m not sure there’s actually that big of a difference though. Next week is Nashi-Con, so roomie and I will be over at the University of South Carolina with a few folks. Kami-Con is the week after that, but plans have gotten a bit messed up and I’m currently unsure as to whether I’ll be able to attend.

I have portfolio reviews with David Saylor of Scholastic and Will Dennis of Vertigo tomorrow. Excited and nervous as hell for both. Nervous, nervous, nervous. Let’s not dwell on that though.

Instead, here are a few of the penciled pages from my 40-page Senior Project, which will be inked and colored and hopefully printed over the next seven weeks. It’s a sequel to my 2009 24hr Comic Day comic, so it’s all bobbleheads and pictographs for dialogue. My pencils are ridiculously loose and sketchy here — really, they’re more like giant thumbnails than pencils — but I know coloring is going to take me the longest on this project, so I want to get pencils and inks out of the way quickly.

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Grains of Salt in Tokyo

So back in January, I was finishing up all of my homework from the Japan trip in December. For my Tokyo Seminar class, I did an eight page comic entitled 狼来了 (the wolves are here) which really had nothing to do with Japan other than having some generic Asian elements and a stereotypically named Japanese protagonist. It isn’t available in its entirety online, but I’ve had a few copies at cons thus far this year and people seem to have liked it okay. o: The comic will also be included in the second volume of the Sugar Ninjas anthology probably.

For my Cartooning class, I did eight daily strips and a Sunday strip based specifically on the Tokyo trip. The strip starred my characters from that noncommittal webstrip I did a while back, With a Grain of Salt. (You know, the one that included gems such as this and this) I never posted them because I was kind of playing around with the idea of doing a proper webcomic with a real update schedule and everything sometime eventually and wanted to save them for a backlog.

I’ve pretty much realized that this isn’t going to happen any time soon though and it’s already been long enough that I’m not too fond of the quality anymore. So I’m going to be uploading my strips to deviantART from that project starting tomorrow. The last strip should be posted next Sunday. Today, I’m gonna post my character sheets. So hurray, you guys will have something to look at for a whole week before I disappear into a black hole working on my Senior Project, which is a 40+ page colored comic sequel to my 2009 24hr Comic Day comic because I’m a masochist. ._.; (Incidentally, the protagonist of this project is the same as for Grains of Salt. I really should stop reusing my characters, lol.)

Anyway, here is the premise of the strip:

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