I’ve been calling Pokemon #566 Archaeopteryxmon because there’s no official English name yet and because that’s basically what he is. His Japanese official romanji is Aaken, but I’d rather not get attached to it. Regardless, I’m pretty sure this guy is my favorite generation five Pokemon, and it was awesome to ignore other obligations for a few brief hours to work on the sketch I posted Saturday. I regret nothing!

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SOI Artists for Animals Reception

Yay, finals are over! Time to catch up with everything else!

The SCAD Society of Illustrators opened their second “Artists for Animals” show on February 28th at their Savannah Mall gallery. (The first show opened at SCAD’s Poetter Hall Gallery earlier in the month.) The reception was 1pm-4pm. I didn’t get there until around 2:30 or so and only stayed briefly, but it was still a good looking show. Here are the belated photos!

SOI Humane Society Show

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The SCAD Society of Illustrators usually has a juried show every fall and winter quarter, but I’ve skipped out on submitting to a bunch of them mostly because the themes didn’t interest me. As it’s my last year in school, I want to submit to as many things as possible, so it’s nice that this year’s fall show also has an agreeable theme: “Monster Masquerade.” As usual, they don’t elaborate more that, so I just started scribbling random things:

Monster Masquerade sketches

I had two ideas. One was just two generic kind of monsters dressed for a traditional masquerade — cute, I suppose. The other was based mostly on the Japanese kitsunetsuki — pretty much any fox demon that possesses young women. I thought it was a pretty nice twist on the words of the theme.

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