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New site layout, now responsive!

Shockingly, it’s been almost three years since I last made major changes to this website. I’m actually still reasonably fond of the old layout, but I figured it was about time I made this thing responsive and better suited to the plethora of devices people browse with these days.


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Website rehaul

New site theme is up! And domain update is done!

Aside from the new header image and some color updates, there aren’t that many visual changes though. I added a more prominent footer so it’s more informative and moved the social media links to the side. Most of the exciting changes are on the backend and should make management somewhat easier to me, assuming I don’t randomly rewrite everything again next spring.  ಠ_ಠ I’ve updated the Illustration page with more recent work and pruned some of the older things. I hope to keep it more up-to-date moving forward, but deviantART will still be the first gallery updated with new, finished work.

The Comics page has the most changes. The entirety of 狼来了(the wolves are here) is now there (previously unavailable), along with Sleep Pirates (previously readable only by digging through this blog), and I finally added The Black Cat (uploaded to dA in October). I will be adding the remaining 34 pages of Rainbows and Rainclouds to the site sometime this summer, I think. Two years hidden away in a printed book is long enough!

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WordPress is go!

So I spent most of yesterday and almost all of today learning WordPress and building my own theme from scratch. Okay, it wasn’t completely by scratch — I used the default theme as a template, but that was about it. I’m really surprised at how quickly the whole thing went, honestly — I worked pretty much nonstop last night from 10pm or so until 5am, hahaha. And then I woke up at 10am with the burning desire to keep working and it was grand~. It’s kind of awesome when I can work steadily on something.

Still, because of that, I didn’t get as much work done on commissions today as I wanted. I still have a few things around the site to fix up, but once everything’s settled, I can get back to the commissions and the tons of other awesome projects I want to do this summer.

I’m really excited to finally have a blog integrated into my website. Not only does it now come with a shiny RSS feed, but you’ll have a reason to check back to the site more often. :D I used to keep an artblog on Livejournal, but I’ve disliked it as a public platform ever since they introduced ads for users that weren’t logged in. I’ll probably only be using it now for personal stuff, and all subsequent art-related news and nonsense will be here instead! I’m going to update much, much more often here, for sure, so look forward to sketches, WIPs, and all kinds of shenanigans!