NaNoWriMo 2010 Final thoughts

The final word count was 47,898. After it became apparent that I wasn’t going to make it, I thought about pushing through and just writing until I got to 50k, regardless of deadline (it was still November at the NaNoWriMo HQ in San Francisco!). But at midnight I just went to sleep because I was exhausted and thoroughly annoyed. Doing these things is harder when you’re working (I could have probably finished if I hadn’t needed to work Monday or Tuesday… or Wednesday), so I know I really shouldn’t be annoyed, but I am frustrated because I have never not finished when I decided I would go for it. Crushing insane deadlines is my superpower.


2003 (Nipul-Suir)– 2,786 words — last word written: 6th November
2004 (Untitled) — 5,072 words — last word written: 11th November
2005 (Peter Pan Syndrome) — 2,664 words — last word written: 16th November
2006 (Shoot the Moon) — 50,011 words
2007 (Lycanthropy) — 50,033 words
2008 (Urban Decay) — 1,446 words — last word written: 5th November
2009 (5:30 AM) — 50,071 words

Any time I got around to writing more than 10,000 words and pushed on through the infamous Week Two, it was pretty much a done deal, even if 2006 was the only year I didn’t have a huge dead zone in the middle of the month. 2007 and 2009 I actually finished early, though in 2007 I was doing 5k/day for the last several days and 2009 was just ridiculous.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 End

Well, I tried. :\

NaNoWriMo 2010: Week 2

Ah, Week Two. Week Two is a rather infamous week in NaNoWriMo. It’s the week a majority of participants drop out. If you’re going to drop out at all, you’re going to drop out in Week Two. Week Two is where you stop writing. Week Two is where the optimism ends and the despair begins. If you keep writing, it tends to get better. If you don’t, it’s the end of the line. I’m pretty sure that every year I didn’t finish, the last word written was written in Week Two.

This year, Week Two went like this. On Tuesday, the panic finally started to set in and made up for lost time. On Wednesday, I stopped liking my story and where it was going. On Thursday, I stopped writing. For a few days I had been writing 2000-3000 words a day in an attempt to catch up, but every time I got close, it got to be the end of the day and another 1,667 words were due. I was in a perpetual state of being about 4000 words behind. Cue the annual despair! Which led to not writing a single word in the last three days. And now it’s day fourteen and I have 14,380 words, which is about 9,000 words behind schedule now.

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NaNoWriMo 2010: Week 1

Seven days and just short of 7,000 words in. I’m about 5,000 words behind schedule and NaNoWriMo’s improved statistics urgently informs me that if I continue at my current pace, I won’t finish until December 21st! Progress has been very slow this first week, especially compared to last year, when the end of week one clocked me in at 16,000 words. This was the first year that I didn’t write a single word on November 1st because I was busy trying to finish all my toning for The Z Train. Even after I finished the comic up on Tuesday though, I was pretty lazy about getting my daily word quota in.

I just don’t feel very panicked yet. It’s weird because usually I’m very high-strung about all this. I have no doubt that the panic will set in eventually, but in the meantime, despite being rather behind, I feel pretty okay about this year’s writing so far. I don’t hate what I’ve written, and I don’t have doubts yet about finishing. After all, I don’t have finals to deal with midway through the month this year. All three of my NaNoWriMo wins happened in college. The  9-to-5 is less stressful, so surely I will finish this year.

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NaNoWriMo, Tokyo, homework and more!

So, the original plan was to update at the end of every week in November with a progress update on NaNoWriMo and my novel-writing endeavors. This obviously didn’t go as planned.

See that chart? Sometimes, people have charts that flatline and have weird jumps because they forget to update their word count for a few days. I never forget to update my word count. I obsessively update my word count. I’ll update my word count every 200-500 words or every time I take a break, whichever is shorter. So when my chart flatlines, it’s not because I’ve forgotten to update, it’s because I’m not writing. But similarly, when my chart has insane jumps in word count between days, it isn’t because I’ve forgotten to update, it’s because I seriously wrote 20,000+ words in the last twenty-four hours.

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