This past December was my 10th consecutive year doing Artist Alley at IKKiCON in Austin.

Ikkicon 5-13, 2010-2018.

IKKiCON 5 was my first time tabling there. That was December 31st, 2010 through January 2nd, 2011. The convention has been over New Years since 2010, and depending on when the weekend falls, sometimes the dates are split between years, sometimes there’s no show a calendar year, or two shows a calendar year — so they’ve used numbers to denote the con, rather than year.

This past show was IKKiCON 14.

Ikkicon wasn’t my first Artist Alley (that was Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008), but it was my first convention ever back in 2007, and it’s the convention I’ve gone back to the most as an artist. I’ve seen a lot of different conventions change over the last decade, but it’s interesting to be able to have year-over-year data for one con specifically and consistently.

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