Review: Daiso’s $5 “Rosso Bianco” fountain pen

The “regular” Daiso fountain pen has been in my rotation for a few years now. It’s honestly one of my favourite pens.

So when Daiso added a whole tray of new fountain pens, marked at a premium of $5, I was honestly not too inclined. The other fountain pen is still available for $1.50; how much better could a $5 one be? It’s more than three times the price, but will it be more than three times the quality? I was doubtful and held out for a couple of months, but eventually. Eventually. Curiosity got the better of me.

Daiso Rosso Bianco fountain pens in store

Daiso Rosso Bianco fountain pens at the store.

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Review: Daiso Fluently marker

The Daiso Fluently illustration marker showed up at my local Daiso, everyone’s favourite Japanese dollar store, a few months ago.

They’re alcohol-ink markers packaged in ten sets of two, for nineteen colors total and a blender marker. My store was only carrying three or four of the sets, so I just grabbed a pair of greens and a pair of greys to try out.

Daiso Fluently initial marker test

Initial marker tests for light green, green, light cool grey, and light warm grey.

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Refilling the Daiso fountain pen

A few months ago I made an important discovery: international long and short standard ink refill cartridges fit the Daiso brand fountain pen.

Daiso brand refills for the fountain pen alongside Waterman inks in international long/short cartridges.

Daiso brand refills for the fountain pen alongside Waterman inks in international long/short cartridges.

This is great to know because Daiso stores are pretty inconsistent as far as what they stock regularly. What’s there one week might be gone the next, never to be seen again. My local Daiso store has had their fountain pen in stock pretty consistently for the last year or so, but it’s always sort of a surprise. I always expect it to be gone.

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Daiso brand fountain pen

Despite acknowledging that fountain pens aren’t really for me practically, I keep…picking them up.

Actually, I pick up pretty much every new brush pen and fountain pen that Daiso Japan stocks because how can you lose when everything’s $1.50? But while I use brush pens for art and go through tons of them every year, I rarely have reason to use other types of pens, which is why I don’t need fountain pens. I still like the idea of them though, so I guess that’s why I’m slowly accumulating a pile of fountain pens.

Daiso fountain pen

I like that the packaging translates everything for once.

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DAISO brush pens, part II

So, as predicted, I stopped by DAISO Japan again and picked up every brush pen I didn’t already have. This post is only about one of them though — yes, this pen is just amazing enough to get its own post.

This pen is amazing.

This pen is amazing.

The packaging here is nearly identical to the “pocket brush pen” from last time, but these two pens are completely different. While the other pocket brush was very similar to the Tombow Fudenosuke or the Kuretake Fudegokochi, this “flexi-brush” is much more comparable to the fabled Pentel Pocket Brush or the Kuretake #13. Yes, really.

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