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Leafeon colored with Daiso Graphoo calligraphy marker

Review: Daiso Graphoo Calligraphy marker

The Daiso Graphoo Calligraphy marker is a double-sided marker with a chisel tip and a brush tip, and there are five sets of two markers, for a total of ten colors. At your standard Daiso price of $1.50 (+tax) a pair, they’re a great deal, but they’re also just great in general.

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Daiso Rosso Bianco fountain pens in store

Review: Daiso’s $5 “Rosso Bianco” fountain pen

The “regular” Daiso fountain pen has been in my rotation for a few years now. It’s honestly one of my favourite pens. So when Daiso added a whole tray of new fountain pens, marked at a premium of $5, I was honestly not too inclined. The other fountain pen is still available for $1.50; how much better could a $5 one be?

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