Cat Comics

2019-ongoing. BW comic with spot color.

Wow, an artist drawing comics about their cats. How unique.

Dumb Baby

Structural Integrity

I love this stupid animal.

Mostly good boys.

It’s an absolute myth that cats are clean. This one’s got fluffy toes to trap all that litter in.

That Time Cory Caught a Mouse

The mouse then spent two days behind the shelf before I caught it in a (live) mouse trap and released the idiot into a park.

Sometimes I use him as a weight for squats.


New Plant Parent

Wait, this isn’t a cat comic.

Do You Think He’s Jealous

Oh, there we go. ._.

Do you want cat pictures, too

About the author

Kiri is an illustrator, writer, and pen enthusiast in Seattle with over 12 years of Artist Alley experience and an inclination towards verbosity.