Fire Emblem Heroes

February-November 2018. BW comic with occasional spot color.

In 2018, I drew a bunch of comics about playing the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. These were originally posted to /r/FireEmblemHeroes and the community’s kind reception encouraged me to draw a lot more than I planned on.

I’ve not played any prior or subsequent FE game, but came into the franchise with random knowledge of FE: Awakening and a particular fondness for that game’s monster villain, Grima. It’s a long story, but I’m very obsessive. In February, Grima was added to FEH. (He also had an amazing unit class and stat spread for the game at the time…) Thus these comics follow my descent into madness before I eventually burned out and had to stop playing, lol.

A Fake FE

I only started playing FEH to troll a friend, but joke’s on me, I sank like 10x more hours into the game than they did.

The army rebels

Chill out guys, chances are I’m gonna end up with another ten Fredericks.

Wrong Dragon

Plot twist, it’s not ten Fredericks. Not pictured: about fifteen Ninos.

Another dumb comic about not pulling Grima to distract myself from not pulling Grima.

I’m a fake FE fan, but I’ve made so many mistakes.

The thrilling conclusion

171 orbs later!!!! +atk -def Grima is home!!


Running cards on crappy reception was way easier than trying to get Gauntlet matches in since less data needs to send, but I managed both. ✌✌✌

Last Day Rolls

Bad news, Robin, I’m gonna roll on every single green orb from now until Grima is 5+10. :’)

Who dies first?

Please, Auto Battle, you’re killing us…

Grima in the permanent pool be like…

No Morgans yet, but I haven’t been trying very hard… I’ve definitely been way too trigger happy with orbs though because there’s rarely more than one green anyway…

What new banner! There’s no new banner!


Don’t tell Sharena

In case anyone was wondering how rolling for F!Grima went.

Saving orbs is a myth

Summoner Support

Everyone is invited to our spring wedding, but you will probably be eaten?

Expectation vs confusing reality

My first disappointment is that manakete have “poof! it’s magic”-style transformations instead of terrible body horror werewolf-style transformations. The second disappointment is that all eye horror Grima fanart is double fanon since Grima doesn’t transform at all! Summoning yourself?? Boring!

Fighter skills banner…

Every orb is cursed, but green especially.

Barracks upkeep

I have enough Faes now to +10 if I wanted, but it seemed impolite to merge her higher than Grima. She’s helping though.

Father fodder

I’m hilarious.

Merge progress

The number of merges I currently have is: not enough.

Halfway there

I should’ve made this joke a week ago

This is what happens because comics take too long to do! The original one-liner comment I had in mind was “But there’s no wholesome interpretation for Skill Inheritance,” BUT NOW THERE IS GUESS. Thanks for ruining my edgelord jokes, IS!!

Overcoming odds

I have spent an amusing amount of time running sims to see what skills and teammates are needed for Grima to survive speedy Falchions even though in practice, I never put him in that situation. Also when will M!Robin be relevant again.

Grima on the 8%