I am OPEN for personal, non-commercial commissions until September 30th.
For commercial work, please email me directly at kiriska@gmail.com.

Feel free to inquire about future availability, or join my mailing list for general updates.

The below is a general price reference for NON-COMMERCIAL commissions. For a personalized quote, please use the form below.

Price Chart

Traditional Media
Type Base Price Examples
4″x6″ Color Drawing (marker) $50+ USD [1]
8.5″x11″ BW Drawing (ink) $80+ USD [1] [2] [3]
8.5″x11″ Color Drawing (marker) $120+ USD [1] [2] [3]
8.5″x11″ Color Flower Pet Portrait (marker) $120+ USD [1] [2]
9″x12″ Color Flower Pet Portrait (watercolor) $400+ USD [1] [2] [3]
9″x12″ Color Portrait (watercolor/gouache) $400+ USD [1] [2]
Digital Media
Type Base Price Examples
Unavailable at this time.
Type Base Price Examples
Tattoo $100+ USD [1] [2] [3]
3″x4″ Badge (marker; incl. badge holder + clip) $40+ USD [1] [2]
Laminated, large (5″x7″ or bigger) Badge (marker; incl. badge clip) $80+ USD [1] [2] [3]

From time to time, commissions at special prices will be available on a limited basis. Sign up for the mailing list or keep up with social media to watch out for these deals. :)

General Information

  • All commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY unless otherwise negotiated. Use of commissioned artwork for icons, banners, and non-commercial website layouts is acceptable.
  • Payment may be rendered via Paypal or Square Cash only!
  • All items are priced for one character with no background. Multiple characters, complex character designs, difficult poses, backgrounds, etc., will increase the price.
  • Prices do not include shipping for traditional pieces (usually ~$5 within the US, ~$15 international).
  • Please feel free to ask me about any other types of commissions you might be interested in even if they aren’t listed here.
  • Additional information and conditions are on the Terms of Service page. If you contact me about a commission, you are agreeing to those Terms of Service.

Inquiry Form

Submitting the form below does not guarantee you a commission spot, nor does it obligate you to follow through. It is simply an inquiry form. You may also email me directly at kiriska@gmail.com, if you prefer!

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