Bust Commissions

Bust/headshot/avatar commissions are a depiction of a character from the collarbones and up. They’re are perfect for use in character profiles of all sorts. I originally started doing these specifically for forum roleplay characters, but they’re also great for tabletop RPs and character repositories.

While you’re welcome to inquire about busts any time my commissions are open, it’s most efficient for me to take these in periodic, set-turnaround batches and I can offer a better price for them this way. You can sign up for my mailing list to be alerted of new batches — be sure to select “commission status and openings” in your preferences!

Current batch details

  • Status: CLOSED
  • Inquire by: 11th April 2022
  • Completion by: 30th April 2022
  • Next Batch will open: ??

Avatar/bust commissions

Commission details

  • $30 base price
  • +$5 for complicated hair, features, and/or accessories
  • +$10 to work from only a text description
  • These are traditionally inked and shaded and digitally colored
  • ~1000×1000 px final size, transparent and/or simple shape background
  • Traditional component is ~4″x4″ & can be shipped for +$5 domestic US/+$15 international

Animal, anthro, human, humanoid, and monster characters are all welcomed! Fanart and fan character requests are also fine! Please no real person or pet portraits for this particular offer, but if you’re interested in those, you can inquire separately.

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Get a bust commission!

If you’re interested in commissions for multiple characters, please include the same information for each additional character in the “references/notes” section. You can send multiple inquiries, but I think it’s tidier for all of us if it’s contained in the same form! :’)

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