Experimental Commissions

Want some art of your character, but are flexible on the details? Perfect.

Provide a character reference and some stipulations, and for a flat $100, I’ll draw it in a style/medium/composition of my choosing.

The only sure thing is that I’m going to draw that character. My goal here is to minimize the need for time-consuming back-and-forth correspondence and to streamline the commission process as much as possible while giving myself the freedom to be creative with the finished work, within certain boundaries.

Some specifics:

  • Characters can be original characters, characters from a series, specific animal species, your pet, or whatever! One character per commission. Complex characters may be simplified or declined.
  • You can provide as many references as you wish, but there should be a minimum of one (1) visual reference.
  • Stipulations should be brief, but should include any strong preferences (e.g. no limited palette) and can include general character notes like personality or occupation. (I don’t want to accidentally draw your very grumpy character with an uncharacteristic smile — unless you specify that it does happen sometimes.) You can also provide suggestions for expression/pose/etc, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll be used.
  • You can choose either traditional or digital “finish.” Selecting a traditional finish will guarantee the piece be fully traditional. A digital finish could be a traditional-digital hybrid or maybe even fully digital…
  • You can have the original drawing/painting/result shipped for $5 with in the US or $15 internationally. If your piece ends up being fully digital, this won’t be possible. Hybrid pieces will have the traditional component shipped. I will not provide and ship prints of digital-finish pieces, but you’re welcome to make prints yourself (for personal use only).
  • All experimental pieces will include a minimum of a half-body depiction of your character in color.

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    If your commission is accepted, you’ll receive an invoice at your invoice email. After receipt of payment, the finished commission will be delivered to your correspondence email within thirty (30) days. If you chose to have the piece shipped, it will be in the mail system by that time as well.

    If your commission is declined, you’ll receive an email at your correspondence email with why.