Affiliate links

Many of my supply posts and reviews include affiliate links to discussed products. If you purchase something through one of my affiliate links, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Current supply affiliates include BLICK Art Materials, Global Creative Inc. (Marker Universe), and Tombow USA, through Share-a-Sale. I also use Amazon Affiliate for general product links. Hover and A2 are my personal domain registrar and webhost; their affiliate links are through them directly.

Some affiliate links are blocked by adblockers, since yes, they’re ads. Adblockers will generally give you the option to temporarily unblock and proceed through the link. As far as I’m aware, the only tracking involved with links is with regard to my affiliate ID so I get credit for the referral, but online privacy is totally your at your own discretion, and I totally respect the need to maintain it! No worries if affiliate links don’t work for you. I appreciate you reading my blog anyway. :)

Free products

A vast majority of the products I review I bought with my own money, but occasionally I’m able to get products free-of-cost. Usually this is through distributors giving free samples to artists without expectation of review or endorsement, or in exchange for a social media post. No one has ever actually asked me to review a product before, but I will always mention where I got a free product, and regardless, opinions remain my own. If something sucks, I’ll definitely say so. :P


Links to Push/Pull aren’t affiliate links, but as of 2022, I’m a co-owner of Push/Pull so any sales there benefit me implicitly, I guess. I’m also able to get products that Push/Pull carries at wholesale (ish) cost, though I’ll always mention if this is the case.