Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you use?

Pens, mostly. Here are some recommendations. Marker work is usually Copic. Watercolors are typically either Daniel Smith or Winsor & Newton.

Almost all of the posts in my sketchblog are tagged with the specific tools used. The tag cloud in the sketchblog sidebar can give you an idea of which I use the most. I’ve also reviewed a lot of them on my regular blog.

What digital brushes do you use?

Due to RSI issues, I mostly work traditionally these days and only use digital tools for touch-ups and texture, but my favourite Photoshop brushes include thesethese, and these. I don’t use anything special in SAI because my primary use of it is using the default pen brush to ink before moving to Photoshop to color.

Can I get a tattoo of a design you did?

Yes, you can purchase a tattoo permission release and use it for any design that isn’t a commission or a piece I’ve explicitly asked people not to get tattooed. It’ll usually say in the post, but if you’re unsure, or found a piece divorced of its context, please ask.

If you are a tattoo artist, please do not use my work as flash.

Can I commission a tattoo design?

Sure. I’m happy to work with you on a tattoo design any time my commissions are open.

That said, I do recommend finding a tattoo artist whose work you like and working with them directly to create your tattoo. Inking on skin and inking on paper are different, and your tattoo artist will have a much better idea of what might work in practice than I would.

I have a question about conventions!

I’m a co-contributor to How to be a Con Artist. Please direct con-related questions there after browsing through the archives/tags. Thank you!

Where did you get [this product] made?

Prints are by Catprint. Other products are from a mix of suppliers and I’m always testing out new ones, so they’re rather more inconsistent. I highly recommend doing your own research and testing for products in general.

I have another question.

Ask away.

Last updated: May 2022.