A big list of things I use and recommend. Last updated: May 2022.

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For Inking

Note that these recommendations are based primarily on use of the pens for drawing and sketching, rather than lettering or calligraphy. Here is also an entire post about Top 3 Pens for Inking.

Synthetic Hair Brush Pens

  1. Pentel pocket brush* (review)
  2. Pentel (standard) brush pens (review)
  3. Kuretake #8* (review) / Kuretake #13* (review)

Felt-tip Brush Pens

  1. Tombow Fudenosuke hard* (review)
  2. Zebra brush pen super fine* (review)
  3. Kuretake disposable brush pen extra fine (review)

Technical Pens

  1. Sakura Micron pens*
  2. Marvy Le Pen Technical Drawing pens*
  3. Staedtler pigment liners*

For Coloring

Alcohol-based ink Markers

  1. Copic Sketch* / Copic Ciao* (editorial?)
  2. Sketchmarker Brush Pro* (review)
  3. Blick Studio Brush* (review)

Water-based ink Markers

  1. Graph’it Graph’O* (review)
  2. Tombow Dual Brush* (review)
  3. Daiso Graphoo (review)

Accents & Effects

White Pens

  1. Uni-ball Signo broad*
  2. Uni-ball Signo Angelic*
  3. Sharpie water-based paint marker fine point*


  1. Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust clear*
  2. More miscellany*

For Writing

Fountain pens

  1. Daiso fountain pen (review)
  2. Daiso x Hauser fountain pen (review)
  3. Monami Olika* (review) / Ooly Splendid* (review)
  4. Pilot Metropolitan*

Calligraphy pens

  1. Pilot Parallel* (review)


  1. Punctuate sketchbook (out of print, review)
  2. Denik sketchbook* (review)
  3. Travelogue sketchbook*

Online Presence

  1. A2 Hosting* (web host)
  2. Hover* (domain registrar)


  1. Catprint* (printer, art prints)
  2. Square* (payment processor, point of sale)
  3. GotPrint (printer, promotional materials)


  1. Todoist* (to-do list)
  2. Toggl Track (time tracking)
  3. Freedom* (distraction blocker)
  4. RescueTime* (time tracking)