I reviewed the Denik sketchbook a while back. The tl;dr was that it has some of the best paper I’ve seen in a sketchbook since the Punctuate (RIP). I bought a bunch when they were on sale but then decided to go through the rest of my stash of Punctuate sketchbooks to tear off the bandaid of them being discontinued.

Pokemonathon was a challenge back in the Livejournal days to draw the all of the first 151 Pokemon in order. I completed this challenge in 2009. As has probably been obvious, I haven’t really felt like drawing much in the last couple of years, but drawing Pokemon has always been easy and fun, so I wanted to revisit Pokemonathon…but do gen 2. Bulbasaur here is just a warm-up, I guess!

Pokemonathon Gen 2 was actually being started by a few folks right around when people started abandoning LJ in droves. I never properly got started, though I did the starters and Vees in the same style as my gen 1 Pokemonathon for con merch.

A proper go at Pokemonathon Gen 2 is a perfect excuse to use one of the Denik sketchbooks in parallel with my current “everything” sketchbook. We’ll see how Pokemonathon goes this time, lol. I remember losing interest around Machamp last time, but Johto doesn’t really have any weak designs (g2 best gen don’t @ me).

If you’d like to try a Denik sketchbook (referral link) for yourself, you can use the code KIRISKA for 15% off, too. :>

It’s weird to promote products when I get an obvious kickback from purchases, but I reviewed and bought a ton of these before I had a referral to promote, so probably I genuinely like these. 🤔