The last of the Art Fight stuff for this year!

What a weird month.

I got a late start on AF this year, but started with one aisha. I don’t really know why I keep picking aishas… I don’t… think? They’re my favourite Neopet species, but they’re really fun and easy to draw. (My most sentimental pets are shoyrus, but I do have a lot of aishas. They’re one of the easiest species to customise. Shoyrus have wings and wings automatically make drawings complicated. Extra ears are no big thing compared to wings. I also really love hissis, but again — wings!!)

I don’t know what compelled me to follow that first aisha with nine aishas in a sports car, but that was really fun. And so followed more and more and more aishas.

The rest of the stuff I drew for AF this year was more standard fare, but it was nice, as always, to draw some things for friends, followers, and secret rivals (I think everyone is my rival, but no one thinks I’m theirs, probably, LOL).

The third aisha piece this year, the big ice cream one, was planned as a species-inclusive piece. I did bookmark a lot of other Neopets to draw, but composition was so much easier when everything was roughly the same size and shape, so it became all aishas again. I think next year I’d like to cover more of other species (and I probably have to, anyway, since I’ve drawn like 99% of the aishas), either in a multi-species piece or in a mass attack of another species. Maybe shoyrus?

2017: 9 attacks (9 characters)
2019: 9 attacks (9 characters)
2020: 60 attacks (66 characters)
2021: 50 attacks (56 characters)
2022: 21 attacks (110 characters)

I actually planned one more (single character) attack for this year, which would’ve put my total over the years at 150 attacks, but reading time (noon VS midnight, sigh) is hard, so whoops. I’ll save it for next year.