Bike Lights

The person getting tricked by oncoming bike lights is me. The person yelling BEEP BEEP bombing down a hill is actually also me.

The light has definitely tricked cars into thinking I am also a car though, which is the best outcome, especially when riding streets that hit a lot of small intersections or lots. Cars waiting to turn out of a parking lot probably wouldn’t have noticed me coming with my old lights.

The light I got was the Leyzne 1300XXL. It has way too many light modes overall, but there is at least a mode among them that let’s you just flip easily between the max output and a lower output. Battery life is impressive and the light angle is good. It’s been especially helpful on the forested parts of the Burke Gilman and also the 520 Trail, which desperately, desperately needs wall reflectors between Yarrow Point and the bridge. That path curves deceptively and is a descent. Super dangerous if you aren’t familiar with it and don’t have good lights.