Biz cards 2015-2023

I’ve baaaasically had the same business card since 2015, wowee…

I would really like to redraw the “logo” at some point but didn’t have the energy this go-around. The angle of the skull has always been kinda weird and while the narrowness of the nasal area isn’t inaccurate exactly, it looks weird. But tbh it’s more likely I’m gonna be sick of looking at that hare sooner, since I’ve already had the “logo” for so long anyway. I haven’t had an actual illustration on my card for a long, long time, specifically because I figured I’d get sick of looking at it, and it’s so much cheaper to bulk buy bizcards in huge quantities.

A 5,000-card order of the 2015 design in 2016 lasted me until 2018. The 2018 iteration is basically the same, but I made the back matte and yellow and included a small gap so I could write on it with sharpie if needed. (It was useful for scribbling my table number on the card so commissioners could find me again later at cons.) I also retired as the primary domain for my webstore, even though it’s actually easier to remember and spell, lol.

A 5,000-card order of the 2018 design lasted me a mere year (this was peak con circuit time, huh), so I ordered another 5,000 in 2019. And then Stuff Happened, and I was stuck with those cards for a million years and I got really, really sick of seeing the social media links and outdated email.

The 2023 edition updates my email and removes the store URL since you can get it from the main site anyway? Fitting all the info on the same side as the logo required some cutting, even though half the social icons are also gone now and the remainder are smaller. I would’ve removed them altogether, but it still remains the case that most people will follow via social or not at all. Plenty will just pick up the card, follow me on Instagram, and then put the card back. ? Someday, RSS will be cool again, but in the meantime, only cool people will ever read this lament, ha.

Anyway, I only ordered 2,500 this time, because I don’t lots of cons anymore, and I will definitely get sick of looking at that hare.

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