Bunnicula scroll

More for the Sakura-Con Art Show, which will be on the 4th floor of the new Summit building this year, which is as far as it can possibly be from Artist Alley, because whoever is doing layouts for this con hates me specifically, I guess.

Finally dug out the scrolls again after meaning to do more of them forever. These are so hard to photograph though, and I have even bigger scrolls I need to use eventually too, haha.

Rice paper is very thin. Every mark you put down is gonna be there forever. The whole point is an unrushed finality and confidence to mark-making, I think. I’m pretty confident with my lines, but coloring and composition is a lot harder. I’m not good at the thing where you put down colors first and then ink over it after. It feels super backwards to me, so I’m still lightboxing as a crutch since I can’t use pencil and then erase (erasing would destroy the rice paper).

It’s good to be freed from any expectation of a complicated background though.

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