GL electric team

Have been messing around with all-electric UL and ML teams for a while, but it’s been harder to pin down a GL team because there’s more options. This one’s been doing well in the Holiday Cup though!

Rank 3 GL Jolteon was the best thing that came out Eevee Community Day this year (along with tons of XL candy for my hundo Jolts in ML), and despite my saltiness that Jolteon’s new CD move wasn’t Pin Missile, Zap Cannon has been lots of fun — I’ve actually used it way more often than I ever used Last Resort. This Jolteon has actually soloed three whole Holiday Cup teams. 🤣

This Magneton had Discharge back when it was still a legacy move. I guess now that it isn’t legacy anymore, I could try to find one with a better IV spread, but it’s not pressing. This one is 13/12/15 but it still gets the job done against all of those annoying Altaria.

Cocoapool is named thus because it is a cocoa puff, but also I caught it at a raid at a community pool, lol. IVs are whatever, but shiny flex points!!