hot aisha summer

hot aisha summer
they all scream for aiscream

Wowee, what an endeavour. :O

There are 58 aisha in this, and between this and my previous aisha parties, I think I’ve drawn every aisha on Art Fight (that’s tagged as an aisha) with a handful of exceptions (either they had restrictive character permissions or were very off-model/characters that were original aishas but became their own thing). I might have also skipped over a few alien aishas because there are SO MANY alien aishas (that is SO MANY ears!!!).

Alien aishas being popular was no surprise, but I was surprised by the popularity of Rainbow, Cloud, and Disco aishas, and the rarity of Desert, Darigan, and Chocolate aishas. One-off colors included Ghost, Checkered, Zombie, Elderly, Grey, Dimensional, Water, Pastel, Shadow, and Wraith. (There were also single Eventide and Toy aishas I included in a prior attack.) I don’t think that one fellow up front is actually Transparent? Was also surprised at the relatively few crosspaints/hybrid colors.

traditional inks for one page of aishas
Traditional inks for the first page of aishas. You can definitely see a lot of mistakes here that I fixed digitally. It’s really hard to keep track of what lines belong to which character when your pencils are a mess and there are so many… I didn’t fit “Aiscream” onto the truck very well but decided not to fix it digitally because that I did not care about lol.

I didn’t original intend this to get so big, but because it’s an open space scene, it was really easy to add more after the fact. The original page I inked included… 28? Then I drew another page. Then I drew a few more to fill in gaps.. Then I added my own Chocolate aisha because I couldn’t believe there weren’t any Chocolate aishas other than the one Baby mix.

The aisha distribution definitely got less cramped on the second page because there wasn’t a food truck to work around and I was running out of aishas.

It’s way faster for me to shade traditionally, just like it is for me to ink traditionally, but I opted to digitally shade this one to make bucket color filling easier and because there were a lot of line corrections I needed to make (overlapping figures, unfinished figures, missing accessories, etc). Shading traditionally and then fixing lineart is really annoying.

Traditional inks for the second page of aishas.
Traditional inks for the second page of aishas. I was gonna break out a bigger brush pen for the Wraith but thought better of it, haha…

I think I originally had a more ambitious plan for the background, but simpler ended up working better so the focus stayed on the fifty+ characters. Also, drawing grass after a few hours of monotonous shading was very nice.

Anyway, this was fun. I thought I’d get really sick of drawing aishas throughout this, but it was fun drawing everyone’s characters, seeing the variety, and trying to work in all the details and giving everyone personality while shoving them in a huge group pic. I guess I always did all those Where’s Waldo-type books… :P

50% resolution crop
50% resolution crop.