Hourly Comics Day 2023

No one can agree anymore whether Hourly Comics Day is the 1st or the 2nd.

Wanted to do hourlies, but these aren’t doodly enough anymore to finish day-of and I’ve been really busy lately and that’s why these are done 10 days later, lol…

I think people always want their days to be less boring for HCD, but I kind of like documenting the normal routine of things, and if that fluctuates day-to-day, then luck of the draw random snapshot is fun too. If it’d been a different day, maybe there’d’ve been even more staring at the computer, or if HCD had landed on the weekend, it would’ve possibly been like 8 hours of biking, who knows!

And obviously lots of things take place in between the snapshots anyway, like it did not take me an entire hour to each lunch and fold laundry; there couldda been more computer-staring in this…

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