how does oekaki work again omg

Headshot of a grumpy white-haired anime boy

Y’all… oekaki boards are still a thing???

There’s an HTML5 port of PaintBBS and Shi-Painter oekaki and someone is actively maintaining a BBS interface for it all??? I’ve installed an oekaki board here if anyone wants to come draw! For now the board will be a secret for people who follow via RSS or bother to check this actual sketchblog… :) You can see the animated process for this doodle here.

The PaintBBS interface is just as it was, and wow, I do not remember any of the skills I had… I forgot how to do masking until after I finished this doodle and I couldn’t remember if merging layers was a thing on PaintBBS or just Shi-Painter. There are some newer drawing applets supported on the BBS, but I probably won’t play around with them as much until I re-remember how to use the old ones, haha.

I haven’t used oekaki since 2008… here are some oekaki pieces from 2004-2006 that I was fond of… they really capture an era, huh.

I’m planning to fiddle around more with the layout and settings when I have time. I already updated some of the clunky translations, but I’ll probably tackle the rest at some point (and maybe work with the dev to restructure how some of the templating works…).