Rest of the Rabbit WIPs

As I said, I ended up inking this twice because, as usual, I rushed the first one and regretted it.

I blurred out most of the first version because I redid it for a reason, but also there were parts of it that I liked better than in the second version, and it’s better not to dwell on what might have been? I thought about trying to combine the pieces I liked without inking it a third time, but because I needed to color it traditionally, it just wasn’t feasible.

I didn’t really take many progress photos because I was mostly focused on trying to power through it. Inking went fast, even with doing it twice, and most of the coloring happened in darkness hours with poor lighting, whoops. I apparently also didn’t remember to save my digital color mockups as anything bigger than this:

As the series has progressed, it’s become more important for me to consider how individual pieces look in the overall lineup. I’m a little annoyed that the Rabbit turned out so compositionally similar to the Rooster, but ended up that way to look good where they are in the line. I guess it’s just as well that they are enemies. :V

I desperately need to work on the Dragon next, but I might detour and do the Pig because I should’ve finished that a few years ago and didn’t, but also because it’s the only one left that I don’t kinda dread working on, lol…

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