Sakura-Con Sprain

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Sprained my ankle at Sakura-Con. :V

I just think it was funny how dramatic the fall was. Still can’t believe glasses flying off a person’s face is a thing that really happens.

Most convention centers have a variety of exhibitor services available for a fee, including show wifi. ECCC, which is hosted in the same convention center as Sakura-Con, connects all vendors (including artists) with those services. iirc, wifi is something like $80/day for a fairly mediocre connection. I don’t know if Sakura-Con offers this for their Dealer’s Room vendors, but they definitely don’t offer it for artists.

As I said, Sakura-Con offered artists (free) wifi in 2019, so clearly it’s a thing that’s possible. Dunno what happened this year, but the number of artists sprinting back and forth between their table and the nearest exit all weekend in order to process cards was silly. Most rows had more space behind tables than mine did though, so luckily, I don’t think anyone else injured themselves last weekend.

Hopefully once the convention center expansions are done (this year??), AA can be moved to a more spacious area? With better reception??