Year of the Rabbit

I’m freeeeeeee… from this one, at least. The rest of the zodiac (so far) is here.

11×17 prints will debut at Chibi Chibi Con in a few weeks. I’ll also have them at Push/Pull, where you can get them in-person or online. Other size prints and merch are available via Redbubble.

This was yet another piece where I ended up inking it twice because I wasn’t happy with the first iteration (this also happened with the Rooster and the Snake…), and tbh I still wasn’t happy with the second iteration, but I really didn’t want to ink it a third time when it was already late, so uhhhh this was another in the endless line of “done is better than perfect,” I guess. 😩

Photo of the original drawing, which is available in my store, but which will probably be in the Sakura-Con Art Show if it doesn’t sell before then.

Daffodil leaves make composition hard, I think, and despite being one of my favourite flowers, dandelions continue to be really difficult for me, especially in bloom form (as opposed to ball of puff form). There weren’t originally going to be two different flowers, but this one is my zodiac and I do what I want. :V

I’m sooooo glad to be done with this, lol. I’ve been fighting with this thing for years. One of the earlier compositions looked like this:

This composition got as far as the penciling stage before I decided I didn’t like it.

But it seemed wrong to have a rabbit being still instead of in motion. Also, it would have been even more of a nightmare trying to draw dandelions on an actually visible ground plane.

Anyway, now I need to go fight the Dragon some more, because that one’s actually had even more aborted attempts over the last few years than the Rabbit… There have been so many abandoned Dragon WIPs…

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