A catch-all dumping ground for art, sketches, and miscellany.


I’ve made the very obvious discovery that the supplies I never use are great for just brain-off doodle time.

The green Tombow Fudenosuke is a really similar shade to the random highlighter (it’s a Bic brite liner, but do I want to make a tag for it? not really…) I’ve probably had kicking around in a drawer for 10 years at least. It still feels like a big waste to use a Fudenosuke to color random stuff, but that’s the only practical use of the yellow imo…

Still Good

For this year’s Stanza show, where artists are assigned a poem to draw inspiration from and make art for. I got to draw for my friend Lore’s poem, which was fun and also great because there are bikes in the poem and we met via bikes. :3

The original’s available at Push/Pull along with the anthology zine with all the poetry and some additional art!

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Marker test Vaporeon

From the Daiso Illustration marker review. I hate how often I use this pose, but it’s the easiest way to fit a big dumb tail onto the page. ¯\_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯

Year of the Cabbit

Were cabbits always this hard to draw? I don’t remember… Sold at the Sakura-Con Art Show.

Ai Orikasa’s Renai no Jikuu/Dimension of Love (man, remember when they dubbed insert songs??) has been on repeat for a week because it’s seasonally appropriate. It was an insert song in Tenchi Universe, and I guess I gotta figure out where tf I can stream the series these days.