A catch-all dumping ground for art, sketches, and miscellany.

Got some basic linocut supplies to play around with. Gone through a few iterations of refining this block and still want to do some adjustments, but it’s been a good learning experience.

I’ll probably write a proper blog post about this eventually, but in the meantime, random test prints will be included with orders of $25+ online and in person (see me this Sunday at Black Owl Market!) for as long as I have them.

Drawing of a wolf howling with Zebra Mildliner Brush and Pentel Brush Pen

Flippin’ through a sketchbook looking for something else, saw this and couldn’t remember if I posted it after the review, then realised I never actually even started writing the review for this pen. OTL

I’ve been working on a lot of different reviews concurrently and forgot about this one I guess… it’s still kind of low-priority to me compared to the others, but I only assume people are probably more interested in some of the other stuff than this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Haven’t been able to spend much time on Art Fight this year. Getting fired back for my mass attacks is skewing my attack ratio a bit, but I’m tryin’ to be less neurotic about things that don’t matter haha…

fairy blue 君のために

This song has been stuck in my head recently and it feels weird mostly because it reminds me that Soul Eater aired so long ago.

Also in a fun place with digital language learning where I can (feebly sometimes sorta kinda) read but not write, so I figured I should try to practice more but the only things I care about are lyrics.

Goodnight Moonpun

These were part of a Goodnight Moon x Goodnight Punpun collab project that never came to fruition.

The “Goodnight Yes” piece I’ve shared before, but not “Goodnight No” and “Goodnight Nobody.” The “Goodnight YO–” page was assigned to another artist, but I threw together something quick to complete the rhyme here. The rest of the pieces I did in 2018.

It’s really too bad the project never got finished; the other artists’ work for it was cool. I’m still pretty happy with how these turned out. The messy lettering and grungy texture was always a style I wanted to revisit outside of Punpun fanart. Still want to do that sometime.