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Random sketches that happen to be in comic form.

Drew this a while ago, obviously when Legendary Marth was announced, but immediately thought the strip wasn’t funny so I never posted it. But I haven’t had time to draw anything about recent events, so I figured I might as well throw this out there.

Anyway, I have spent an amusing amount of time running sims to see what skills and teammates are needed for Grima to survive speedy Falchions even though in practice, I never put him in that situation.

Also when will M!Robin be relevant again.

More FEH Comics.

I wanna know tho.

My first disappointment as that manakete have “poof! it’s magic”-style transformations instead of terrible body horror werewolf-style transformations. The second disappointment is that all eye horror Grima fanart is double fanon since Grima doesn’t transform at all! Summoning yourself?? Boring!

More FEH comics.

Running cards was actually way easier than getting Gauntlet matches in, but I managed both, so there!!

Thanks to everyone who visited me at ECCC!!

I’m really relieved the last minute corner booth worked out. The only downside was being sooooo far away from Artist Alley and not being able to visit anyone there as a result. I appreciate those of you who came down to visit me even though I couldn’t do the same!! ;v;

I have to give Rin antibiotics for about a week.

He hates it, but he’s the dumbest baby and always immediately forgets that I’m trying to give them to him when he escapes from me trying to give them to him.