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Still don’t remember what any of the tools in PaintBBS do… I know there’s a way to mask lines, but I haven’t figured it out again yet. I think the problem is that I’ve been using PaintBBS instead of Shi-Painter though and am mis-remembering because their interfaces are really similar. 🤔

The rest of this is just me rambling about Gundam…

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Goodnight Moonpun

These were part of a Goodnight Moon x Goodnight Punpun collab project that never came to fruition.

The “Goodnight Yes” piece I’ve shared before, but not “Goodnight No” and “Goodnight Nobody.” The “Goodnight YO–” page was assigned to another artist, but I threw together something quick to complete the rhyme here. The rest of the pieces I did in 2018.

It’s really too bad the project never got finished; the other artists’ work for it was cool. I’m still pretty happy with how these turned out. The messy lettering and grungy texture was always a style I wanted to revisit outside of Punpun fanart. Still want to do that sometime.

I’ve wanted to draw some proper art of Zeraora since its debut, but it seems like the specifics of its design just really clash with my style and preferred media. idk how I’d handle those stupid whiskers, but otherwise, the design basics are really similar to Zoroark, but canine heads are still easier to work with than feline ones for me even though I like cats better than dogs, lol.

Pokemonathon 2022: 158-160

Scanned drawing of Totodile line

Didn’t turn out as I hoped, but happy to move past the starters and get onto the other stuff.

I’ve always been annoyed at how the yellow patch of stomach/chest scales moves around in the evos though. Of the starters, I think the Chikorita line turned out the best… probably because it was the one I cared the least about, haha.

Impressed with how well the point has kept on this brown Tombow Fudenosuke.

Fuecoco drawing with Posca paint pens

I bet you expected my fav of the Gen 9 starters to be the cat, but you underestimated how much I love baby crocs.

Also, Fuecoco reminds me of the Bubble Bobble blobs.

(Also, I’m pretty disappointed Sprigatito doesn’t have a plant on its head.)

Pokemonathon 2022: 152-154

Scanned drawing of Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium

I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn anything from the Chikorita family before… Chikorita is a shapeless blob that turns into a dinosaur…

Probably gonna group evolution lines together like I did for my original Pokemonathon run, but I’m not really gonna hold myself to anything tbh.

Hisuian Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark

I know vengefulness is among kitsune stereotypes, but it’s kind of a shame that Ninetales’s purported vengefulness was never highlighted much while Zoroark gets an entire alt form dedicated to the idea? Though I guess resentment isn’t quite the same as vengefulness. 🤔

Anyway, I really like Hisuian Zoroark’s design and don’t feel like I did it justice here, but it was nice to play around with the grey Tombow Fudenosuke for inking.