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Plants, flowers, trees, and fungi (I know, I know!!).

Happy New Yearrrrr.

Further experiments, some fun wet-on-wet media mistakes, and forgetting to use the waterproof ink, whoops lol.

If the years not going well, here’s a chance to start again, but you know what, if the weekend sucks, Monday you can start again, or Tuesday, or any new day. Every day is a great day to burn everything down start again.


I found some crayola markers to use for spot color hurrayyy.

Scribbling lots of traditional Chinese “paintings” (these are not paintings) to fill wall space at my parents’ since that’s the only stuff my parents like.

I’m pretty proud of this year’s Inktober!

It’s probably the most cohesive year I’ve had even though I fluctuated a little with self-imposed supply rules. (I intended to use an inking pen, the teal-green fountain pen ink + one Copic per piece, but inevitably got carried away and needed more colors, haha. Also randomly used a brush pen to ink two of the pieces.)

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