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#cringetober for today’s October prompt roulette, day 12: Demon OC, except I’ll up the cringe and here’s the demon/angel hybrid OC. 

This was an OC I had in middle school and high school that took a lot of visual cues from CLAMP’s X, of course. Second pic is from 2003! I think I might’ve traced or at least heavily referenced a picture of Kamui for it, lmao.

A lot of my OCs from that era have gone through updates through the years to make them more sensible and palatable to current-me, but I never figured out a good way to update this one.

At some point winged humanoids started to really piss me off from an anatomical standpoint, but they were too core to this character to remove, so into the decommissioned OC bin he went. :V

#OC_tober day 5: Nightmare.

My original October plan was to find 31 prompt lists and then do a prompt a day from a different list, but I didn’t have the energy to actually hunt down 31 lists to start with so I guess I’m just finding them as I go and doing whatever days I feel like?? Whatever!

This one is from an OC-tober list from @/fayren on Twitter.