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The October welcoming tradition is to begin thinking about November.

Download ZIP

Includes 50k, 75k, & 100k versions in 3 different screen aspect ratios.

I’ve also finally uploaded previous calendars from 2011+ here. 2015 has the same day/date distribution as 2020, so you could also use that calendar and pretend it’s a different, better year.

2008-2010 are also still available on my dA account, but I didn’t make different word/resolution versions then.


My hoodie came today! Omigosh the material is so soft and super comfy!!! I absolutely love it!!! I cannot wait for fall and winter, cooler days in general so I can start wearing it everywhere!!!

@kiriska ‘s art! Loads of their awesome stuff! Follow links on their tumblr account!

It looks great on you!! And I’m so glad the hoodie’s soft and comfortable! 

I’m not able to order and sample every type of product available in my print on demand shops, so I really appreciate it when people take pictures of things they buy and verify they’re of good quality! :)


I decided I needed this on a shirt, so I made a shirt.

Available here.

I put this design up on Society6 recently too.

The photo isn’t the best, but left is RedBubble and right is Society6, using the same file.

The print quality is very similar for both. I’ve gotten T-shirts from both sites in the past that’ve held up pretty good over time – however, I had a bad experience with tank tops from S6 having the design scratch off almost immediately. Not sure if they’ve fixed that.

The colors are darker and more contrasty on RB. S6′s colors are a little more muted and closer to my intent, though that looks slightly faded on a shirt. The S6 shirt is also stronger in yellows. The difference is most obvious in the shading on the skull, which is much darker on RB’s version.

I’ve since replaced the file on RB with a slightly lighter version, so the shading will probably be lighter now. I didn’t order again to see because I don’t need three shirts lol…

RB’s prices are a little higher than S6 in most cases, I think, but they have sales a lot (like right now!), and I get a bigger cut per shirt from RB. They also have more options overall as far as what you can get the design printed on. Whichever site you prefer is fine in the end though!

Hope this was somehow helpful. XD