A catch-all dumping ground for art, sketches, and miscellany.

It’s hard to do fanart for a series like this because the characters actually look normal, so it’s hard to make them recognizable? But I really like Chihayafuru and want to draw something to print for con season. :> We’ll see, I guess.

You know, I’ve always been jealous of artists that could paint really loosely. I start off okay, I think, and then I get really caught up in details and need to smooth everything out and make it decidedly not “loose” or “messy,” like I originally wanted. On the bright side, I feel like I’m making progress with this “no outlines” thing.

Hope no one minds me posting a billion WIPs.

I’ve found it’s kind of hard to find good, fullbody references of (domestic) cats… seems everyone just wants to take really dumb pictures of their cats or artistic close-ups of faces. Let’s try our luck with the wild ones.